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If -poem- (Rudyard Kipling)

If -poem-
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Activity MasterBlaster
Many expressions and new vocabulary are waiting for you... find them within this brilliant poem. Just let yourself get lost in the words.

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Item Meaning
'em them (colloquial)
aim goal, objective, intention
being lied about (passive voice) people around you say lies to you
blaming it on you what is happening is your fault, you are responsible for it
breathe a word say something very softly
common touch the property of appealing to people in general
count with you be important to somebody
deal in trade in, traffic with something
disaster bad situation, catastrophe
don't give way to hating don't hate, try not to feel hate
don't look too good don't look too well, don't look too attractive
doubt you don't trust you
foes enemies (archaic)
force compel, obligate
heap a pile, a group of things placed on top of each other
hold on resist
impostors somebody who pretends to be somebody else
keep your head don't lose control, try to think clearly
knaves foolish, wicked and unreliable
make allowance for take into account something, take something into consideration
none nobody, nothing
pitch-and-toss a gambling game of skill
risk take a chance
sinew muscular power
stoop bend down forwards
the truth twisted the truth changed, so it becomes something different, a lie
the unforgiving minute unforgiving time; always constant, always running
the will self-control, wish, the faculty of conscious decisions
triumph victory, rejoicing at success
trust yourself believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself
virtue moral excellence and righteousness; goodness
wise judicious, with a good knowledge about life
worn-out something no longer usable, in a bad condition because it has been used a lot
yet nevertheless, however
you can bear you can stand, you can tolerate
Total number of items: 35

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