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Music and creativity in Ancient Greece (Tim Hansen)

Music and creativity in Ancient Greece
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice

How music connects ancient Greece to the modern world.


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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


The Ancient Greeks believed that all aspects of creative thought were governed by the Muses. Which of the following was NOT a discipline overseen by a muse?
A- Politics
B- Comedy
C- Poetry
D- Astronomy
Modern scholars generally accept that there are ..... Muses.
A- 3
B- 4
C- 9
D- 13
What is the origin of the word "Music"?
A- Musique
B- Muse
C- Musicum
D- Musica
The ancient Greek concept that music was the key to understanding "the fundamental interconnectedness of all things in the universe" was called what?
A- Music
B- Pathos
C- Plato
D- Harmonia
What is "harmonia" in Ancient Greece?
A- A physical complaint and a medicine to treat illnesses
B- A vital accompaniment to sporting contests
C- A medicine to treat illnesses
D- All of them
Which of the following is the best way to describe the Greek concept of "ethos"?
A- A guiding principle of understanding how music works
B- A system to identify dangerous thougts
C- The importance of music in everyday life
D- How one treats oneself and others
According to Plato, we only should listen to music that promotes:
A- kindness
B- corruption
C- power
D- intelligence, self-discipline and courage
Plato believed that dangerous music was music that:
A- Encouraged self-discipline
B- Was not from Greek
C- Deviated from the accepted norm
D- Could be heard from space
Total number of items: 8

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