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Nick Vujicic: a married man and a future father (Nick Vujicic)

Nick Vujicic: a married man and a future father
Activity True-False
Activity True-False
A listening activity with True-False questions. See how well you can understand this video about the recent life of Nick Vujicic.

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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
According to the TV presenter, Nick Vujicic is one of those people "who make your spirit soar".      
The presenter says that Vujicic has a more troubled life than most able-bodied people he knows.      
The presenter met Nick V. in New York for the interview.      
Nick Vujicic said he was always sure he'd find someone to share his life with.      
Nick is 28 years old.      
Nick's wife, Kanae, says that falling in love with Nick was a completely different experience.      
When people saw them walking side by side, some of them turned away.      
When people saw them walking side by side, some people cried.      
When she saw him for the first time she thought he was very interesting but not too good-looking.      
When Nick V. saw her he felt immediately drawn to her.      
She thinks theirs is the world's most unlikely love story.      
When Nick wants to float in water he just breathes in and paddles a little bit with his foot.      
Nick can hold his breath longer than most people because his lungs are bigger than usual.      
Nick has a house in Melbourne.      
On the video you can see Nick in a big stadium in the city of Los Angeles.      
In the beginning people thought they kissed too much.      
Nick proposed to her in Santa Barbara when they were both attending a summer course.      
Nick put the engagement ring on her finger by using his teeth.      
When Nick put the ring on her finger, she just cried.      
Nick and Kanae kissed for ten minutes after the engagement ring episode.      
They got married in February this year.      
On their wedding day it was quite windy.      
Nick uses his office mostly to answer all the letters he receives every day.      
Kanae is 24 years old.      
They have only been married for several months, not even half a year.      
They don't have many arguments, only sometimes for stupid things but nothing serious.      
Nick needs some medical treatment to have kids.      
On the computer they watch a sonogram of their baby when it was 15 weeks old.      
When she had the baby sonogram taken, Nick had a terrible cold.      
They were very worried about the new baby because Nick's problem is genetic, but then they saw the baby was complete.      
The baby is Nick's greatest dream come true.      
Total number of items: 31

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