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Phonebloks, the mobile phone for the future?

Phonebloks, the mobile phone for the future?
Activity True-False
Activity True-False
This video is talking about a knew phone concept, the Phonebloks. Listen to it and mark if the following statements are true, false or if they don't say anything about it.

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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
When our phone breaks, it is usually because only one component stopped working.      
Electronic devices are made to break soon.      
Phones thrown to the garbage are already one of the most important pollution sources.      
All the different blocks in the phone are connected together with locks.      
If you need more speed you can simply change the base.      
Blocks can be constantly updated.      
You can customize the colour of your phone.      
You can get a blokphone with or without a camera.      
They will make different blokphone models designed for different needs.      
The blokphone is almost finished and will be in the shops very soon.      
They are looking for companies interested in designing this new type of phone.      
If you have a Facebook account, you can help them.      
They want people to go to the shops and buy a blokphone now.      
You can now buy a blokphone on the Internet.      
The blokphone doesn't exist yet, it's only an idea.      
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