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The True Science of Parallel Universes (MinutePhysics)

The True Science of Parallel Universes
Activity Yes-No
Activity Yes-No
A listening activity with Yes-No questions about the video The True Science of Parallel Universes. See how well you can understand this.

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For every sentence mark if it is true (YES) or false (NO).


Question YES NO
Everybody likes the idea of parallel universes because they like to think that the best possibilities are also true.    
The "observable universe" is the same for everybody    
The existence of multiple universes is based on some discoveries made by science    
A bubble universe could be inside a black hole    
The "Bubble Universe" is an idea invented to explain why our universe seems perfectly designed for life    
There is absolutely no scientific evidence to think that the theory of Bubble universes may be true    
The Membranes Theory (Multiverse type 2) says that the universe we see may have one extra dimension that we cannot see or experience in any way    
The Multiverse Theory type 3 says that everything that may be possible is actually real in some other universe    
We are living in many different universes at the same time    
Modern science has recently found some evidence to prove that Multiverse type 3 theory may be true    
If two different universes collide, both universes will be unaffected and nothing will change    
Today, the multiverse theory can be considered real science, it is not science-fiction or philosophy    
Total number of items: 12

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