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Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice (Good Mythical Morning)

Why You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice - a listening activity
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice

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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Who hates the sound of their own voice
A- Most people
B- Some people
C- Only teenagers
D- People with an accent
Your recorded voice sounds different to you because...
A- You are not used to hearing your own voice
B- You speak differently when you are recording
C- You normally hear your voice from inside your mouth too
D- The recorder distorts your voice
Link (the guy on the right) was caught recording his own voice by workmates when he was working for IBM. Where was he?
A- In the shower
B- In his office
C- In the park
D- In the toilet stall
What does Link want to be in life?
A- A pop star
B- An awesome talker
C- A news reporter
D- A youtuber
Where are these two guys originally from?
A- New York
B- Great Britain
C- The South (of the USA)
D- California
Their voice is now different from the first videos they recorded. In which way?
A- It is deeper now
B- They speak faster
C- They have a southern accent now
D- Now they sound like an old country lady
These two guys have changed their accents because...
A- They moved to California
B- They lived in North Carolina
C- They want to reach a wider audience
D- People used to think they sounded stupid
They say people with a southern accent sound...
A- More interesting
B- More funny
C- Very old-fashioned
D- Not very intelligent
How does the greeting "Hi" sound in a southern accent?
A- Hoy
B- Hah
C- Hey
D- Huh
When people hear their accent, they don't know what part of the country they're from.
A- False
B- True
C- It depends
These guys think their original accent sounds really horrible and ugly
A- True
B- False
C- We don't really know
Total number of items: 11


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