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Colours and Shapes - (basic vocabulary)

Colours and Shapes - (basic vocabulary)
Activity MasterBlaster
Activity MasterBlaster
Part of the series: First 1000 Words in English (it includes Spanish translations).

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You have a word and 4 options. Choose the right option. (If the timer is on, you must choose your option before the time finishes.)


Item Pronunciation Meaning
black /blćk/ negro
blue /blu:/ azul
brown /braʊn/ marrón
circle /sɜ:kəl/ círculo
colour /kʌlə/ color
cone /kəʊn/ cono
crescent /kresənt/ media luna
cube /kju:b/ cubo (cuadrado 3D)
dark /dɑ:k/ oscuro
diamond /daɪəmənd/ rombo, diamante
green /gri:n/ verde
grey /greɪ/ gris
light /laɪt/ claro (colores)
orange /ɒrɪndʒ/ naranja
oval /əʊvəl/ óvalo
pink /pɪŋk/ rosa
purple /pɜ:pəl/ morado
rectangle /rektćŋgəl/ rectángulo
red /red/ rojo
shapes /ʃeɪps/ formas
sphere /sfɪə/ esfera
square /skweə/ cuadrado
star /stɑ:/ estrella
triangle /trćŋgəl/ triángulo
white /waɪt/ blanco
yellow /jeləʊ/ amarillo
Total number of items: 26

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