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Family vocabulary

Family vocabulary
Activity MasterBlaster
Activity MasterBlaster
Practise the basic vocabulary for family. ENGLISH - SPANISH

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You have a word and 4 options. Choose the right option.

(If the timer is on, you must choose your option before the time finishes.)


Item Pronunciation Meaning
aunt /ɑ:nt/ ta
brother /brʌə*/ hermano
cousin /kʌzɪn/ primo/a
dad /dd/ pap
daddy /ddɪ/ papi
daughter /dɔ:tə*/ hija
family /fməlɪ/ familia
father /fɑ:ə*/ padre
granddaughter /grn,dɔ:tə*/ nieta
grandfather /grn,fɑ:ə*/ abuelo
grandmother /grm,mʌə*/ abuela
grandpa /grn,pɑ:/ abuelito
grandson /grnsʌn/ nieto
granny /grnɪ/ abuelita
mother /mʌə*/ madre
mum /mʌm/ mam
mummy /mʌmɪ/ mami
nephew /nefju:/ sobrino
niece /ni:s/ sobrina
sister /sɪstə*/ hermana
son /sʌn/ hijo
uncle /ʌŋkəl/ to
Total number of items: 22

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