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Making Enquiries

Making Enquiries
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice
Making Enquiries - Phrases

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What is the meaning of the following expressions in this activity? Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.

Situation:  Lily is looking at an electronic dictionary at a shop.
Lily             :    What is the machine for?
Assistant :    It’s for learning language.
Lily             :    Can I try it?   
Assistant :    Yes, of course.  Here you are.
Lily             :    (1) How do I turn it on?   
Assistant :    Press this button.
Lily             :    (2) Then, what do I do?
Assistant :    Choose a language, type in a word and read the word in English, Chinese or Spanish.
Lily             :    (3) How much is it?
Assistant :    RM 159.50.
Lily             :    I’ll have one, please.


How do I turn it on?
A- Is this a toy?
B- Can I play with it?
C- How do I operate it?
D- What should I do first?
Then, what do I do?
A- Can I press it?
B- what is the next step?
C- Can I borrow this machine?
D- Can you show me the steps?
How much is it?
A- How do I get this machine?
B- How can I buy this machine?
C- What is the cost of this machine?
D- What can I do with this machine?
Total number of items: 3
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