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The Dinosuars came, too...

The Dinosuars came, too...
Activity Put in Order
Activity Put in Order
Pomerajte reci/fraze da dobijete tekst.

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Move these words/phrases around to make a correct text.


Slozite reci/fraze tako da dobijete tekst.
but in 1993
and made
had an idea.
from frozen
"new" dinosaurs
The last dinosaur
died 65 million years ago,
prehistoric mosquitoes,
He took the blood
with it.
a rich scientist, John Hammond,
in a zoo
went wrong
the zoo security system
came too...
on a tropical Hawaiian island
and left the zoo.
. One of John Hammond's scientists
some dinosaur eggs
- Dennis Nedry -
His idea
wanted to sell
to a friend.
and he put the dinosaurs
Nedry turned off
But the dinosaurs
- but the things
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