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The time

The time
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Telling the time in English

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1- Look at the time and try to say that in English. 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 minutes)

3:00 = It's three o'clock
3:15 = It's (a) quarter past three   (or: it's three fifteen)
3:30 = It's half past three   (or: it's three thirty)
3:40 = It's twenty to four   (or: it's three forty)
3:45 = It's (a) quarter to four  (or: it's three forty-five)
3:05 = It's five past three  (or: it's three o five)
3:25 = It's twenty-five past three  (or: it's three twenty-five)
3:55 = It's five to four  (or: it's three fifty-five)

Not multiples of 5

3:12 = It's twelve minutes past three  (or: it's three twelve)
3:27 = It's twenty-seven minutes past three  (or: it's three twenty-seven)
3:48 = It's forty-eight minutes past three  (or: it's three forty-eight)

quarter = a quarter

7:15= It's quarter past seven = It's a quarter past seven

variation (not common)
3:05 = It's five after three
3:55 = it's five before four

Morning (AM) = 00:00 (midnight) - 12:00 (noon)
Afternoon (PM) = 12:00 (noon) - 6:00 pm (more or less)
Evening (PM) = 6:00 - 00:00 (midnight)

AM = ante meridiem (Latin for: before noon)
PM = post meridiem (Latin for: after noon)

3:00 am = Three o'clock in the morning  (or: three A-M)
3:00 pm = Three o'clock in the afternoon  (or: three P-M)
7:00 pm = Seven o'clock in the evening  (or: seven P-M)
12:00 pm (day time) = It's noon  (or: it's midday)
12:00 am (night time) = It's midnight

24-hour time (not common)
8:00 = 8:00 AM = eight o'clock in the morning
20:00 = 8:00 PM = eight o'clcok in the evening
16:35 = Sixteen, thirty-five = 4:35 PM = Twenty to four P-M = Four thirty in the afternoon.

QUESTIONS: asking the time

- What time is it?
- What's the time?  (= what is the time?)
- Can you tell me the time, please?


Item Match Comments
09:50 pm It's ten to ten in the evening
0:00 It's midnight also: It's twelve o'clock (in the morning)
10:00 am It's ten o'clock in the morning
10:30 It's half past ten
10:30 It's half past ten
10:51 It's nine minutes to eleven
11:00 It's eleven o'clock
11:30 It's half past eleven
11:45 It's quarter to twelve also: It's a quarter to twelve/midday/midnight/noon
11:55 pm It's five to twelve in the evening
12:00 It's midday also:
- It's twelve o'clock
- It's noon
12:10 It's ten past twelve also: It's ten past midnight
1:00 it's one o'clock
1:03 It's three minutes past one
1:05 It's five past one
1:30 It's half past one
1:40 It's twenty to two
1:55 It's five to two
2:04 It's four minutes past two
2:20 It's twenty past two
2:25 pm It's twenty-five past two in the afternoon
2:35 It's twenty-five to three
2:50 It's ten to three
3:00 It's three o'clock
3:05 It's five past three
3:07 It's seven minutes past three
3:15 It's quarter past three also: It's a quarter past three
3:45 It's quarter to four also: It's a quarter to four
3:55 It's five to four
4:12 It's twelve minutes past four
4:15 am It's quarter past four in the morning also: ... a quarter past...
4:20 It's twenty past four
4:30 It's half past four
4:35 It's twenty-five to five
4:35 pm It's twenty-five to five in the afternoon
4:40 It's twenty to five
4:50 It's ten to five
5:00 It's five o'clock
5:10 am It's ten past five in the morning
5:15 It's quarter past five also: It's a quarter past five
5:30 pm It's half past five in the afternoon
5:45 It's quarter to six also: It's a quarter to six
5:50 It's ten to six
5:58 It's two minutes to six
6:19 It's nineteen minutes past six
6:20 It's twenty past six
6:20 pm It's twenty past six in the evening
6:30 It's half past six
6:40 It's twenty to seven
7:05 It's five past seven
7:10 It's ten past seven
7:15 It's quarter past seven also: It's a quarter past seven
7:35 It's twenty-five to eight
7:45 It's quarter to eight also: It's a quarter to eight
7:55 It's five to eight
8:24 It's twenty-four minutes past eight
8:30 It's half past eight
8:40 pm It's twenty to nine in the evening
8:50 It's ten to nine
8:55 It's five to nine
9:15 It's quarter past nine also: It's a quarter past nine
9:35 It's twenty-five to ten
9:36 It's twenty-four minutes to ten
9:40 It's twenty to ten
9:45 am It's quarter to ten in the morning also: ... a quarter to ten ...
9:45 pm It's quarter to ten in the evening also: ... a quarter to ten ...
time? what time is it? also:
- Can you tell me the time?
- What's the time?
Total number of items: 67

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