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The Weather

The Weather
Activity MasterBlaster
Activity MasterBlaster
Learn the basics about the weather

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You have a word and 4 options. Choose the right option. (If the timer is on, you must choose your option before the time finishes.)


Item Pronunciation Meaning
cloud klaʊd nube
fog /fɒg/ niebla
frost /frɒst/ escarcha
it's boiling hot /ɪts bɔɪlɪŋ hɒt/ hace muchísimo calor
it's cloudy /ɪts kldɪ/ está nublado
it's cold /ɪts kəʊld/ hace frío
it's foggy /ɪts fɒgɪ/ hace niebla
it's freezing /ɪts fri:zɪŋ/ hace muchísimo frío
it's frosty /ɪts frɒstɪ/ ha caído una helada
it's hot /ɪts hɒt/ hace calor
it's misty /ɪts mɪstɪ/ está brumoso
it's raining /ɪts rnɪŋ/ está lloviendo
it's snowing /ɪts snəʊwɪŋ/ está nevando
it's stormy /ɪts stɔ:mɪ/ hay tormenta
it's sunny /ɪts sʌnɪ/ hace sol
it's warm /ɪts wɔ:m/ hace buena temperatura
it's windy /ɪts wɪndɪ/ hace viento
mist /mɪst/ bruma
rain /reɪn/ lluvia, llover
snow /snəʊ/ nieve, nevar
storm /stɔ:m/ tormenta
sun /sʌn/ sol
What's the weather like (today)? /wɒts ðə weðə laɪk təd/ ¿Qué tiempo hace (hoy)?
wind /wɪnd/ viento
Total number of items: 24

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