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The Weather

The Weather
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Activity SmartMemo
Learn the basics about the weather

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning and pronunciation 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Pronunciation Comments
cloud nube klaʊd
fog niebla /fɒg/
frost escarcha /frɒst/
it's boiling hot hace muchísimo calor /ɪts bɔɪlɪŋ hɒt/ BOIL = hervir
it's cloudy está nublado /ɪts kldɪ/
it's cold hace frío /ɪts kəʊld/
it's foggy hace niebla /ɪts fɒgɪ/
it's freezing hace muchísimo frío /ɪts fri:zɪŋ/ TO FREEZE significa CONGELAR
it's frosty ha caído una helada /ɪts frɒstɪ/
it's hot hace calor /ɪts hɒt/
it's misty está brumoso /ɪts mɪstɪ/
it's raining está lloviendo /ɪts rnɪŋ/
it's snowing está nevando /ɪts snəʊwɪŋ/
it's stormy hay tormenta /ɪts stɔ:mɪ/
it's sunny hace sol /ɪts sʌnɪ/
it's warm hace buena temperatura /ɪts wɔ:m/ WARM literalmente significa TEMPLADO, ni frío ni calor.
it's windy hace viento /ɪts wɪndɪ/
mist bruma /mɪst/
rain lluvia, llover /reɪn/
snow nieve, nevar /snəʊ/
storm tormenta /stɔ:m/
sun sol /sʌn/
What's the weather like (today)? ¿Qué tiempo hace (hoy)? /wɒts ðə weðə laɪk təd/ Este LIKE no es el verbo gustar, es la preposición comparativa "como"
- You are like Brad Pitt = Eres como Brad Pitt (te pareces)
También se puede decir simplemente: WHAT'S THE WEATHER?
wind viento /wɪnd/
Total number of items: 24

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