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Muscular system (makemegenius)

Muscular system
Activity True-False
Activity True-False
True-False listening questions for the video Muscular System. Practise your English and maybe learn something new.

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For every sentence mark if it is true or false or if there is no information about it.


Question T F ?
Every human has two hundred muscles.      
Kids have six hundred muscles.      
Muscles are like rubber, they are very elastic.      
Not all the movement in your body happens to the muscles.      
You breathe, digest, speak and walk, all because of your muscles.      
Muscles in the human body are part of the muscular system.      
There are five types of muscles.      
Smudgy muscles are a muscle type.      
Skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles are types of muscles.      
Involuntary muscles mean they keep working themselves.      
Smooth muscles are only found in our intestine, stomach and bladder.      
Cardiac means "of the head".      
Cardiac muscles are a kind of involuntary muscles.      
The heart is a cardiac muscle.      
The heart contracts and relaxes and sends blood into your whole body.      
Voluntary muscles are not under your control.      
Voluntary muscles are attached to your bones.      
To tie muscles to bones you need tendons.      
Skeletal muscles are controlled by the locomotor system.      
When we want to move skeletal muscles, motor nerves carry a message to the brain and the brain sends a message back to skeletal muscles, telling them to act.      
The pectorals, biceps, gluteus maximus, hamstring, calves, quadriceps and triceps are smooth muscles.      
Calves are skeletal muscles located near triceps.      
To make skeletal muscles strong you need to exercise, to drink milk and to eat a balanced diet.      
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