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Pink Panther English verbs

Pink Panther English verbs
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Learning some verbs with the Pink Panther and let's have fun :)

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning (and maybe pronunciation)
2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer.
3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Pronunciation Comments
climb up trepar, escalar /klaɪm ʌp/ "Climb over": saltar, pasar por encima.
"Climb down": descender.
switch intercambiar /swɪtʃ/
to avoid esquivar, evitar /əvɔɪd/
to bump chocar (levemente) /bʌmp/
to chase perseguir, cazar /tʃeɪs/ "Chase away": ahuyentar.
to climb down descender /klaɪm daʊn/ "Climb up": ascender, escalar.
to crash chocar, colisionar, estrellarse /kræʃ/ "Crash down": derrumbarse.
to drink beber /drɪnk/ "Drink to": brindar por.
"Have a drink": tomar algo (de beber).
to eat comer /i:t/
to escape escaparse, huir /ɪskeɪp/
to fall caer /fɔ:l/ "Fall asleep": quedarse dormido.
"Fall down": derrumbarse, rendirse.
"Fall in love": enamorarse.
to fly volar /flaɪ/ "Fly away": echar a volar.
"Fly out": despegar.
to hang colgar, suspender /hæŋ/
to hitch hike hacer autoestop, hacer dedo /hɪtʃ haɪk/
to hop saltar, saltar a la pata coja /hɒp/
to jump into tirarse al agua, meterse /dʒʌmp ɪntu:/
to jump over saltar por encima /dʒʌmp əʊvə*/
to kick patear, lanzar un puntapié /kɪk/
to laugh reír /lɑ:f/ "Laugh at": reírse de, tomar el pelo a.
"Laugh loudly" o "laugh out loud": reírse a carcajadas. (a menudo escrito LOL en internet)
to look for buscar /lʊk fɔ:*/
to obey obedecer /əbeɪ/ "Obey the rules": cumplir las normas.
to order ordenar, mandar /ɔ:də*/
to pat dar una palmadita, acariciar /pæt/
to pull tirar /pʊl/ "Pull on": tirar de.
to ride montar, cabalgar /raɪd/
to run correr /rʌn/ "Run away": huir.
"Run down": desprestigiar (informal).
"Run for president": presentarse como presidente.
"Run over": atropellar, arrollar.
"Run wild": desenfrenarse.
to scream gritar, vocear /skri:m/
to show mostrar, enseñar /ʃəʊ/ "Show how": mostrar cómo, enseñar cómo.
"Show respect": mostrar respeto.
"Show the way": mostrar el camino.
to skate patinar /skeɪt/ "Ice skate": patinar sobre hielo.
"Figure skate": hacer patinaje artístico.
to slide deslizarse /slaɪd/
to spin girar, dar vueltas /spɪn/
to step on pisar, pisotear /step ɒn/ "Step on the gas": pisar el acelerador (informal).
to think pensar, creer /θɪŋk/ "Think about/of": pensar en.
"Think again": reconsiderar.
"Think back": hacer memoria.
to tie atar, amarrar, anudar /taɪ/
to turn girar, virar, torcer /tɜ:n/ "Turn around": darse la vuelta.
"Turn back": volver.
"Turn on": encender.
"Turn off": apagar.
to walk caminar /wɔ:k/ "Go for a walk": dar un paseo.
" Walk the line": estar al borde del precipicio (figuradamente).
to wave hacer señas con la mano, saludar con la mano /weɪv/
Total number of items: 37

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