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I'm calling in sick (Let's Talk)

I'm calling in sick
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
This game will help you learn lots of interesting expressions you can use if you need to call in sick.

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning (and maybe pronunciation)
2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer.
3- If you were right, click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Comments
flu an illness which comes with a fever and nasal congestion "Flu" is very similar to a cold, but stronger than it. It's also called as "influenza".
get some rest have some rest It implies that you have a particular need for rest.
headache when your head hurts
I am calling in sick You are informing you can't go to work because you are sick.
I have a headache My head hurts
I have a runny nose I have a nasal congestion
I have a sore throat My throat hurts
I think I'm coming down with the flu I think I'm beginning to feel ill with the flu
I was hoping to take the day off to recover You need to rest and recover because you are ill
I'm coming down with sick starting to feel ill
I'm sorry to hear that, what's wrong? That's bad news, what's the problem?
quite ill very sick "Quite" is a synonym of "very" and "ill" means "sick".
"Ill" is very common in British English.
runny nose nasal congestion, a lot of water coming out of your nose
slightly a little bit
slightly feverish with a little temperature
slightly feverish feeling like having a little bit of a fever
sore throat when your throat is hurting
to recover to get better from an illness
Total number of items: 18

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