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Making an Appointment (Anglo-Link)

Making an Appointment
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice

In this English conversation lesson, you will learn how to arrange an appointment or meeting with someone in both formal and informal styles.


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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Good morning. ________ I speak to Jane, please?
A- Am
B- May
C- Might
D- Can't
Good morning. This is Jane Smith _________________
A- talking
B- telling
C- speaking
D- saying
I was ___________ if I could come and see you some time this week.
A- wondering
B- waiting
C- wishing
D- willing
Which day did you have in _______________?
A- it
B- all
C- this
D- mind
Would Thursday ___________ you?
A- like
B- make
C- suit
D- with
Would you ______________ morning or afternoon?
A- prefer
B- like
C- wish
D- think
Would early afternoon be ___________________ to you?
A- true
B- convenient
C- please
D- sure
I'm busy on Thursday but I'm _______________ most of Friday.
A- good
B- out
C- fine
D- available
Yes, I can ________ you in at 2.30 p.m.
A- put
B- fit
C- leave
D- appoint
You can come at 2.30 p.m. How does that ____________ to you?
A- do
B- sound
C- look
D- see
Total number of items: 10

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