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Are You With Me (Lost Frequencies)

Are You With Me
Activity Put in Order
Activity Put in Order

In 2012 American country singer Easton Corbin released "Are You With Me?". In 2014, Belgian house DJ and producer Lost Frequencies took the music and chorus from the song, sped up the track and released it in October 2014 as a remix, changing it to eurodance rhythms. This new version reached the charts throughout Europe, climbing to #1 in many countries.

You can see the video with the original country melody by Easton Corbin here: Are You With Me?.


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Move these words/phrases around to make a correct text.


The lyrics are just 4 lines that repeat over and over again, so we will do the 4 lines only once.
sky / water / Mexican / wanna / I / by / the / 'neath / dance
Margaritas / some / string / a / Drink / blue / by / of / lights
to / midnight / mariachi / play / the / at / Listen
with / me? / Are / you
Total number of items: 4

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