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Atlas (ColdPlay)

Activity Yes-No
Activity Yes-No
Read all the information everywhere on this page and answer the following questions. You can also print the video page and have it with you for consultation. (The questions are not in order)

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For every sentence mark if it is true (YES) or false (NO).


Question YES NO
Atlas is a Greek god    
"I'll carry your world" means that I will help you with your problems.    
This song is part of the soundtrack for the movie saga Twilight    
Fire is a metaphor for conflict    
In this song, "to explode" means "to start crying"    
If you "bend", you break in two.    
To use a bow you always need arrows.    
In this song "the wire" is a cable used to transport electricity.    
If you are "about to do something" you are doing it.    
"To carry" means "to move"    
Here "the world" is a metaphor for humanity.    
Here "the world" is a metaphor for "problems".    
"Search" means "look for".    
To "slay" a dragon means to look for a dragon.    
To "slay" a dragon means to kill a dragon.    
A "dragon" here is a metaphor for bad things.    
Here, heaven = wonderful nature.    
Here, heaven = happiness.    
Here "up the road" means, "far away".    
He says "lord" because he is talking to the king of this country.    
The man who sings is talking to a woman and to God.    
The man who sings wants to help a woman.    
Atlas carried the world on his shoulders as a punishment    
Atlas carried the world on his shoulders because he is the king of the world.    
Atlas fought against Zeus.    
Atlas and Zeus were friends.    
This song is the most important song in the soundtrack.    
If you "carry THE world" you will be very good at solving problems.    
Greeks usually represented Atlas carrying the planet earth on his shoulders.    
In the Renaissance, Atlas is often represented carrying the skies on his shoulder.    
We can use the word "atlas" to refer to a collection of world maps.    
One of the lines of the song says "Help me get out of the fire".    
This song is sung by the band ColdPlay.    
This song is the first song in the movie soundtrack.    
Chris Martin, the lead singer of ColdPlay, is a fan of the books that inspires the movie series "Hunger Games"    
Total number of items: 35

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