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Just like heaven (Katie Melua)

Just like heaven
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Activity Fill in the Gaps

This is one of the most romantic love songs that has ever been put out. The original song was made by The Cure in the 80's (listen to it here), though it doesn't sound so romantic as in this version made by Katie Melua in 2005 for the movie "Just like Heaven". The original song was talking about a girl-lover; Katie Melua just changed some words so that it was talking about a boy-lover (as an exercise you can print the lyrics and spot the differences)


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Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.


Gapped text
Show me ____________________ that trick. The one that ____________________ me scream, he said. The one that makes me ____________________, he said, and threw ____________________ around my neck.
Show me how you ______________________ and I ______________________ I promise that I'll run away ______________________, I'll run away ______________________.
Spinnin' __________________ dizzy edge, I kissed __________________ and I kissed __________________ and dreamed of all the __________________ ways I had to make __________________ glow.
Why are you so ________________________________?, he said. Why won't you ________________________________ know that I'm ________________________________, that I'm ________________________________.
You. ________________________ and only you. Lost and lonely you. ________________________ as angels dancin' in the ________________________ oceans. Twistin' ________________________. You're just ________________________. You're just ________________________.
Daylight licked me into ________________. I must have been asleep ________________ and moving lips to breathe ________________ I opened up ________________.
I found ________________________ alone alone, alone above the raging ________________________ that stole ________________________ I loved and drowned him deep ________________________.
You, soft ________________________________, you, lost and lonely, you. ________________________________. You, soft ________________________________, you, lost and lonely, you. ________________________________.
Total number of items: 8
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