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Lord of the ages (Magna Carta)

Lord of the ages
Activity Yes-No
Activity Yes-No
A listening comprehension with Yes-No questions. While you are listening to the song Lord of the Ages, by Maga Carta, try to answer the questions and see how many you can get right.

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For every sentence mark if it is true (YES) or false (NO).


Question YES NO
Lord of the Ages was flying on a horse    
The sky was dark because a comet had destroyed all the stars    
Very few people know where the Lord of the Ages is going to    
The caves of granite were in the forest    
The Lord of the Dark had bewitched the children of darkness    
The wise men and prophets had always known that this time of destruction would arrive    
The god of all-knowing rode over the waters    
The friends from the void had robes of light    
A child was born at night and begun to cry    
All the birds were singing    
There were people hiding in the mountains    
Only the rich were destroyed by fire    
Two riders set fire to the whole world    
The Lord of the Ages sent servants to collect the harvest    
The Lord of the Ages was watching all the destruction with pleasure    
The children of light found comfort in the Lord of the Ages' words    
The Lord of the Ages turned all that destruction into freedom    
Total number of items: 17

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