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Real Love (Tom Odell)

Real Love
Activity Fill in the Gaps
Activity Fill in the Gaps

An emotional brief ballad by British singer Tom Odell.


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Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.


Gapped text
__________________ my little __________________ and schemes, __________________ like some __________________ __________________.
Seems ______________ all I really was ______________ was ______________ for ______________.
______________ like little ______________ and boys ______________ with their little ______________,
Seems ______________ all we ______________ were ______________ was ______________ for ______________.
__________ need to be __________. __________ need to be __________.
It's ________ love, it's ________. It's real ________, it's real... ________.
Total number of items: 6

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