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The Fox (Ylvis)

The Fox
Activity SmartMemo
Activity SmartMemo
Learn the sounds animals make in English: meow, woof-woof, tweet-tweet, hiss, oink, moo, bzz, quzak, neigh...

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1- Look at the words and think of its meaning (and maybe pronunciation) 2- Move your mouse over the black button to check your answer. 3- If you were right click on the green button, if wrong, click on the red.


Item Match Pronunciation Comments
bee buzz /bʌz/
bird tweet-tweet /twi:t twi:t/
cat meow /mjaʊ/
cicada chirp-chirp /tʃɜ:p tʃɜ:p/
cock (rooster) cock-a-doodle-doo /kɒkədu:dəldu:/
cow moo /mu:/
cricket creak-creak /kri:k kri:k/
crocodile snap-snap /snŠp snŠp/
crow kaak /kŠŠk/
cuckoo cu-ckoo /kʊ ku:/
dog (angry) grrrr /gərrr/
dog (big) bow-wow /baʊ waʊ/
dog (medium size) woof-woof /wʊf wuf/
dog (small) arf-arf /ɑrf ɑrf/
donkey eeyore /-i:-ɔ::/
duck quack /kŠk/
fish blub-blub /blʌb blʌb/
frog croak / ribbit-ribbit /krəʊk/á /rɪbɪt rɪbɪt/
goat mee-mee /me-e me-e/
goose honk /hɒŋk/
hen cluck cluck /klʌk klʌk/
horse neigh /naɪ/
horse (walking) clip-clop /klɪp klɒp/
lion roar /rɔ:/
mouse eek-eek /i:k i:k/
owl to-hoot /tʊ hu:t/
pig oink /ɔɪŋk/
pigeon coo /ku:/
seal ow-ow /aʊ aʊ/
sheep baa /bɑ:/
snake hiss /hɪss/
turkey gobble gobble /gɒbəl gɒbəl/
wolf owooooo /u:u:u:/
Total number of items: 33

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