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13 Time-Management Apps for Students


Time is a crucial resource for everyone, and it demands you to work with it. People often don’t know how to manage their time and struggle with organizing the processes in their lives. Many students suffer during their education if they don’t learn time-management techniques at the beginning.

Luckily, everyone has the opportunity of taking full advantage of their smartphones. There are three types of applications that increase time productivity: planners, habit-trackers, and focusing tools. In this article, we have listed 13 useful time-management apps in these three categories. Figure out which one is the best for your needs!




  1. My Schedule

This app has a wide range of possibilities to manage your time on the go. The developers designed the interface with a familiar calendar look, where everyone can quickly find a date and set an appointment. Students with My Schedule won’t have the excuse that they forget to write an essay or solve an equation. Set at least an hour to improve your knowledge of each subject and read reliable sources for inspiration -- the inspiration and knowledge that only a good essay writing app can provide you with.

Personalize the visibility of the calendar by setting a color for each type of activity you plan for a day. Select as many days of the month as you want to edit or delete their plans. Get the result at the end of each month to see the number of working days and holidays.


  1. My Daily Planner

Stay connected with your to-do list effortlessly! With My Daily Planner, you can create group tasks in folders and share them with your peers. Plan your day, note tasks, and set reminders for each one. This app is especially convenient for students because they can create folders for tasks on each subject.

Organize your schedule with accurate time-management tools of My Daily Planner. Have simple tasks always listed at hand, and if you haven’t finished one of them, you can move it to the next day. Since all data is backed up, you can manage your notes in the calendar online without worrying.


  1. EssayShark

This is one of the most favorite services among students when it comes to saving time. The EssayShark app is the top essay writing app that helps to understand subjects faster and better. Simply download this tool and find one of the writers from different categories. Represent your requirements such as type of paper, deadline, number of pages, citation format, and topic’s name.

With this tool, students also can get explanations of the most difficult disciplines shortly. Enjoy the most reliable and affordable writing service where you can also take inspiration from for your further assignments.


  1. Time Planner

One more great tool to manage your time is Time Planner. Structure your life clearly by setting each task to a category. Bubble widgets help you to track the time you spend on each task. Add a mission to the multiplied level to-do list and customize it for your needs.

Schedule days by the hour and track things on a timeline during the day. Edit planned activities, and drag and drop the main or other points to adjust your day. Plan your day with things that don’t have time limits, such as looking after your pet, drinking water, or exercising. Remind yourself of what needs to be on time, such as classes, homework preparation, or celebrating a friend’s anniversary.


  1. TimeTune

View month, week, and day statistics with routine widgets to analyze your life balance and improve time-wasting for better productivity. Dedicate your time not only for education but also for entertainment, family, housework, health, and work. Organize all your tasks and follow your calendar.

Create one-time events or add consistent activities. The app is designed to be comfortable for everyone. It is handy to add tasks by the hour or set one with no limit. Get reminders for essential events and be one of the most productive students!




  1. Loop Habit Tracker

Make every day a useful accomplishment with the Loop app! This is a flexible habit creation tool that helps you analyze your current activity with your goals after all habits will be implemented. View the score table in a monthly review for a more accurate understanding of your progress.


  1. Habit Tracker

This app has Google Fit integration, so you don’t need to worry about your physical activity. Mark the days when you accomplished your routines successfully. Habit Tracker helps organize not just education but all spheres of life. Keep tracking your daily statistics and find the achievements that you still need to develop.


  1. Repeat Habit

This app gives a new way to improve your efficiency! Note a habit you want to implement and don’t break the chain of daily performance. View your habit’s progress in beautiful and straightforward compositions.

Filter your habits weekly or observe them all together. The program also provides motivational quotes to push you through and not give up.


  1. Avocation

Encourage yourself with better academic results and new habits. Don’t forget to perform them daily and record it in Avocation. All your plans and learning routines will be saved in a complete overview.

Enjoy free lessons, up to five habits, a time travel visualization, and custom reminders. Finish every circle of habit and enjoy unusual rewards!


Focusing tools


  1. Focus To-Do

Every student deserves to spend their time efficiently. With the Focus To-Do app, based on an improved Pomodoro Timer, it is easier than ever! Turn on pleasant white noise to stay calm and focused. Growing a little sapling will help you to add elements of the game to your serious achievements. With daily, weekly, or monthly reports in beautiful widgets, you’ll be motivated to make them satisfying.

 Focus To-Do shows you also the overview of completed tasks, so you have reason to encourage yourself for more.

The circle diagram shows you a percentage of focus on such activities as personal, working, reading, drawing, writing, and other customized processes. Set a time for each task and focus until the time runs out. You can synchronize this app with any device you work with to keep tracking time and concentrate easily.


  1. Forest

If you don’t know how to keep away from unnecessary apps while studying, use Forest to avoid distractions. Upgrade your productivity by planting trees after you set a goal to focus on something. As time passes, the tree will grow little by little. Collect coins and beautiful plants with each successfully finished task. It helps to unlock new features and positively impacts the daily, weekly, and monthly statistics. Otherwise, if you decide to leave the app, the plant will die.

This app also helps to plant a real tree around the world. Consequently, using Forest, you not only affect your productivity but support the ecological environment.


  1. Focus

Find a new way to beat your laziness with Focus tools. This app helps to be productive by using a simply designed interface. Students can satisfy their productivity needs by setting a focus timer and customizing settings to reduce disturbances. Focus is somewhat strict for beginners in concentration development, but it is useful if you need to finish some tasks urgently.


  1. Focus Timer Reborn

This app is more than just a timer that counts the hours you spend in focus mode. It is a goal-tracking app that helps you to reveal your potential in the world of productivity. Set the goals and compare them with reality using statistics bars, or view all your sessions studying and working in the calendar. Sure, if you need a short or long break, you can also track it in this tool.


Time is not waiting for you! Choose some of the applications from our list and combine them to reach success in your studies.

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