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4 Essential Apps for Your Phone


Every day we wake up to the sounds of notifications telling us about the launch of the latest, all-rounder app. The app market now is crowded with innumerable apps; each has its noticeable characteristics. The two best aspects of all these apps are convenience and efficiency, which make them even more fun to use.

Now, our phone’s entire home screen is filled with apps. Social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, weather apps, fitness apps, navigation apps, etc. occupy most of our time. However, one must also know that not all apps are useful; some may be pointless as well.

Depends on your lifestyle and priorities of course. Therefore, you need to efficiently keep a track of all apps that can essentially add value to your very busy life. Don’t fret as we have completed this task for you. We have done a little research of our own and have prepared a list of all those apps that must always be available on your smartphones.

However, before you get super excited about all these apps, make sure that you have access to a speedy internet connection like the one offered by RCN. This provider offers high-speed internet at affordable rates to both its English and Spanish customers. So if for example, you are a Hispanic user who wants to download all the apps smoothly without any interruption, you can check out RCN Internet Español and sign up for the internet plan that best meets your requirements.

We are saying this because you can’t install all the apps that we have mentioned in this article without a reliable, stable internet connection. It is always better to stay equipped before time. Doing so saves you from a lot of trouble and hassle. So once you are done signing up with an efficient provider, you can go ahead and install the essential apps that we have enlisted below.


1- Sleep Cycle

Sleep is one of the very important characteristics of the human body. You can’t function properly without sleeping for at least eight to ten hours every night. If you don’t sleep well, you will feel lazy, lethargic, and unproductive all day, this will end up ruining your mental health, and you’ll eventually fall sick.

Similarly, if you sleep for more than ten hours you might end up skipping all your daily responsibilities as well as important tasks and hence will end up ruining your entire day. Thus, you need to understand that maintaining a balance is the key to healthy living. Keep a track of your daily sleeping hours and make sure that you don’t exceed the set limit.

An app called Sleep Cycle has made keeping track of the sleeping routine quite simple, especially for all those people who feel that they are not getting enough sleep or the individuals who are tired of their habit of oversleeping. This app efficiently helps your body to maintain the required level of rest by monitoring your daily sleep patterns and waking you up the sooner, it calculates that you have completed the optimal hours.


2- Calm

If you are depressed and the stresses of life aren’t letting you live your life peacefully, then download this app right away because it will act as your savior. This amazing app will teach you the right way of meditating and will calm your mind by telling you peaceful, sleep stories.

Listening to these soothing sleep stories will aid you in reducing your anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Moreover, this app will teach you the art of practicing mindfulness. It will enlighten you about the significance of gratitude and will encourage you to stay grateful at all times. In addition to this, Calm has a very nice, user-friendly interface. This means that you’ll never feel confused while using this app. So download this app right away and see your worries disappear.


3- SafeTrek

We live in a world full of hackers, cybercriminals, bullies, rapists, and other dangerous people. We’ve all at some point felt that our life was in danger. Just thinking about those unfortunate times, makes us lock our doors. However, hiding away from the world is not a solution. Whenever you get a negative thought, just remind yourself that you reside in a world that is also home to creative minds who have designed apps for the sole purpose of keeping us safe at all times.

Yes, you heard it right. Safety apps do exist that take us out of stressful, dangerous situations and put us back into our safe zone. One such app is SafeTrek. As soon as you are done installing it, just press the ‘hold until safe’ button and if you experience a scary situation, just let go of the button. Doing so will alert the system which will then quickly notify the concerned authorities and enlighten them of your location. This is one of the very essential apps that you must keep on your phone at all times.


4- Waze

Waze is the perfect app for you if you hate traffic and are always in a hurry. It is a navigation app that helps you avoid heavy traffic. Waze helps you identify the alternative routes, which are less crowded, and also constantly gives you road updates. The cherry on top, you can link this app to Spotify and so can use this app while listening to your favorite songs.


Wrapping Up

We hope the four apps that we have mentioned in this article, will make your life easier and more convenient. Download them right away and thank us later.

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