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5 Key Reasons to Leave Home for College in a Different State


The thrill of finalizing high school is incomparable. I like entering adulthood through a gateway. Often, the thrill is because you are finally starting the next important chapter of your life, with freedom and many lessons to learn. Freedom starts with deciding which college you want to go to. Some students may prefer an institution closer to home, while others may opt for one far from home, preferably even out of state. Living independently in a different state may be scary, but it can also be your best decision. Let's go through some reasons you should study out of state.


New Experiences

The essence of going to college is to experience a whole new experience, and what better to achieve this than traveling out of state for your undergraduate studies? From these new experiences, you will discover new passions and hidden talents and even get to know yourself more. Additionally, you will start viewing things from a different perspective, making you more open-minded and ready to embrace new changes. These new experiences are some of the memories you will carry with you for the rest of your life.



Stepping out of your parent's shell may be scary initially, but independence comes with vital lessons that will help you throughout your life. Juggling between settling down and schoolwork can get overwhelming to the extent of finding paper helpers like essay writing service USA for your assignments. However, such challenges add to various life lessons, including accountability and time management. These life skills are also essential to being successful even in your career. You will also learn about saving, an essential financial freedom element. Going out of state for your college will also help you become more flexible in adapting to various changes, which is an attribute you will cherish in the future.


You Will Realize How Much Your Family Cares

Sometimes we may feel our family treasures us once we live in a faraway state. Visiting home will be more special if you leave for an out-of-state college, and you will feel the warmness of every embrace welcoming you back. The time spent with family during your school holidays will be more memorable, and you will learn to cherish their love and company even more. Sometimes family relationships may be strained when we are around each other daily; however, these binds are treasured more when one leaves, and every moment spent together becomes more special. Every phone call from home also becomes special.


Diverse Career Openings

Opportunity for numerous career openings is another primary reason you should travel out of state for college. If you grew up in a small town, you know that your career may take off as much as you would want there. So it is noble to spread your wings and find a place to accommodate your big dreams. You will be more surprised at how many career options you will have in a bigger city. So you do not have to sacrifice your dreams just to be comfortable. Moving to a different state may be uncomfortable; however, you can look at the bigger picture, including various career options. 


New Cuisines, Friends, and Weather

Moving to a different state for your college introduces you to a new experience, from the food to the language and even the weather. Such experiences can heighten your exploration side, and you will find yourself trying out new cuisines and learning the local dialect of the area you will be living in. In addition to expanding your palette, you will learn more about the food culture of your state.

Traveling to a different state will also mean making new friends and forming new bonds away from childhood friends. Sometimes we become too comfortable with social circles to remember to interact and network with new people. Thus, traveling out of state helps you step out of your comfort zone and explore new social circles. Some of the friends you make in college will be instrumental in giving you job referrals.


Summing Up

The initial transition to college can be challenging, from the anxieties of settling down to the uncertainties of whether you are making the right decision. However, moving out of state is worthwhile. Leaving for an out-of-state college presents a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you cannot afford to miss out on. You will discover new places, friends, and hobbies and make new memories in your new home. Settling down may take a few months, after which you can start exploring and enjoying your new experiences.

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