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5 Tips to turn your essay into a masterpiece


Regardless of the fact that, as Shakespeare stated, "The pen is mightier than the sword," the pen itself is not sufficient to craft an efficacious writer. Let’s face it; essay writing is something that you can never escape. It is the most generalized method to judge a student's potential as a theoretical and practicing professional. Whoever mentions that essay writing is pretty simple has possibly never been in the zone of writer’s block. On the longing hearts of many is how to improve writing from novice to master, but the road to reach it, appears totally arduous, sometimes unknown and a few times turns into a puzzle that looks so difficult to crack! Here you’ll find 5 pieces of advice that’ll answer the eternal query of how to turn your essay into a masterpiece!



Experts say, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time to write”. As simple as that! Reading actively helps reinforce that profound insight of the themes, ideas, and symbols. You can also reach a whole out to the many amazing pieces of writing from well-renowned writers and learn the art from the masters. And always work on the topic. Needless to say, an essay without a topic is like a car without a wheel. Your topic defines if your essay would be an overall view or in-depth analysis on a specific subject. And upgrade your research area. Delve deep and dig out all relevant resources of info to convey your point even if it appears monotonous and stodgy. This will render you enough leverage to form solid arguments and write from different and unique angles.



Do you outline? If your answer is ‘NO’, then you need to pay special attention to this next tip. You cannot help but believe, that constructing a small plan on what information your essay will reveal is the best practice for minimizing rewriting. When you strategise your essay, arrange your words, and outline your main argument, it frames a skeleton for your essay. This works like magic! The easiest place to begin is coming up with your argument, or thesis. What point are you trying to make? A beautiful way to have a great essay is to design your writing into an introduction, a body and a conclusion, and then, based on this outline, sketch a subheading of your points, ideas and statistics which you want to infuse in the subcategories of your essay.



As you frame your essay, primarily focus on the portions where you generally have the toughest time articulating your notions. This implies that you might go a bit out-of-order while writing, but take note that your outline will guide you stay structured. It will assist you fill in the blanks. To affirm what builds a great piece is just to collect the apt resources and stitch them together is bound to be wrong! Therefore, it is requisite that words, punctuations and syntax well sync to achieve a colourful paper.



Your only shot at leaving a breath-taking first impression is your composition’s introduction segment! The body and even specifically the conclusion of the essay should be delivered excellently to render an appealing flavour. Whatever you scribble should be in alignment with the style of your essay. Is it argumentative? Persuasive? Expository? Plain narration? Double-check to make sure that you are on track with the tone and style of your writing. Now, when we’re in the process of drafting the essay, the words tend to flow as we contemplate of them and hence, our composition is ofttimes made up of incomplete statements and even unfinished arguments. Fill them to intensify the argument and impact of your essay as a whole.



A weak conclusion can degrade the intactness and wholeness of your composition, and this wouldn’t be in your best interest. Keep things simple, professional, and practical in your finish line. I cannot emphasize the value of good proofreading enough. However petty flaws they are, they can yet have a huge effect on your grade at the end of the day, so catch them and fix them.



Now that you have each and every detail you require to develop an essay, it’s time to let the writing spirit out. Writing essay is an art, and similar to any art, it too requires time, devotion, commitment and careful nurturing to prep it from being unpolished to being remarkably brilliant. You will have to put into practice with a burning gusto and dedication to grow better, stronger and exceptional. Keep tweaking, organising, correcting and erasing your paper until you achieve your masterpiece that deserves to be read! Good luck!

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