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5 Websites that Help Kids' Homework in School


Kids in school are quickly becoming more adept with current technology. As result, there have been significant changes in the way schoolchildren learn at home and in the classroom. Additionally, the global pandemic has forced both teachers and parents to look for safe ways to teach kids.

Both parents and teachers have turned to the internet to look for websites that can help with kids’ homework as they homeschool. However, the internet is also a massive place, and scrolling for ideal websites may be tedious and time-consuming.

For this reason, you should consider looking for the best websites for homework help and read the reviews to help you make an informed judgment. Fortunately, we have combined a list that features excellent websites that offer homework help linking both teachers and children.


Neo K12

First on our list is a site that has been positively and individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. Neo K12 is a website that features a ton of well-crafted and edited educational videos. What makes this site excellent for children’s homework is the careful arrangement of videos, quizzes, games, and puzzles. In fact, most children find the materials cool.

For the teachers, Neo K12 can be used as a supplement to classroom lessons by simply using the videos. There are two versions; the paid version and the free version. Both of these versions can be used to create mini-lesson plans by using videos, quizzes, and puzzles. Using photos, videos to teach subjects such as English can make a huge difference.

It is worth noting that the extensive database of educational resources makes this site an excellent tool for teaching kids while helping them with their homework.


Fact Monster

Fact Monster is a great resource for helping kids with their homework. A quick glance at the company’s homepage, and you’ll see that the site offers homework help together with games and trivia quizzes to keep the kids engaged and entertained as they learn. Fact Monster is a website perfect for children aged nine and above.

The site offers a wide variety of educational resources, including topics relating to maths, science, and history, just to mention a few. The site is well organized and child friendly, making it the ideal website for homework help and learning fun facts. It is also worth mentioning that the site is certified by the kidSafe Seal program.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is arguably the most recognizable academic websites in the world. The site is featured in over 28 different languages to help students worldwide access world-class learning materials. Additionally, the resources are free to access since the company is a non-profit organization.

The site is packed with a tone of resources, from videos to articles and academic journals. This makes it ideal for both kids and young adults in college. College students use the academic materials on this site to turn their essays into masterpieces. Additionally, the site has visual aids that most children find engaging. Most teachers use this website to teach coursework and help children with their homework.



Another unique website that provides academic resources for kids is Scholastic. Although the site is known for educational materials for teachers and parents, the site offers much more, including games, a book section, blogs, lesson plans, and printables.

The site has carefully organized resources based on grade levels, which start from pre-kindergarten up to high school. It’s also perfect for kids as it features a host of interactive activities that make learning fun.


Hippo Campus

HippoCampus is an excellent site for help with homework. It offers over 5500 free videos from all sorts of academic disciplines, including math, geometry, algebra, biology, science, and history, just to mention a few. What makes this website perfect for kids are the games, animations, and simulations that appeal to many school children.

Teachers will also find useful resources for teaching. For instance, ‘math snacks’ is a feature on the company’s website made up of animations and cool videos that middle school teachers can use to teach math concepts in a fun and engaging way.

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