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6 Resources All Modern Schools Should Provide To Their Students


In this modern age of technology and online information, it is increasingly important to adapt school curricula and resources to reflect the changing times. With that in mind, there are several things schools should provide to students to give them the best advantages and keep them safe while they use technology. For one thing, all kids should be provided with access to the Internet. Moreover, it is important that schools provide a VPN for safe browsing with more access to different sites. Kids should also have access to Kindles and blue light glasses, as well as social media awareness training and internet safety guidelines. Let’s break each of these resources down in more detail.

1. Access to the Internet

The first thing a modern school should provide to its students is access to the Internet. Either by providing laptops or tablets or by having computers in school that kids can use to do their research and homework. This is essential in this modern day, as the Internet is such a huge part of society, culture, and how we communicate around the world.

The Internet is also an invaluable source of information, it teaches us how to be critical about news sources, and it has the answers to most of the world’s most answered questions. Having access to the Internet can help bridge the gap between kids with a lot of books and other educational resources at home, and those who do not.


2. A VPN

While access to the Internet is a great first step for school kids, they will also need access to all of the resources on the Internet. This includes resources that may not be available in their countries. You may wonder how this is possible, but this is where a quality VPN comes into play.

A VPN is a virtual network provider, and these clever tools can mask your IP address to keep you safe while you browse and also trick your computer into thinking it is in a different location. Not only does this make browsing safe for children, but it also allows them to access movies, sites, and information that might be blocked in their country. The best VPN for schools and colleges will have huge server networks, fast speeds, and great security in place. A VPN can revolutionize the way kids can access information online.


3. Kindles

Sticking with the theme of technology, another great resource for children in schools is the Kindle. This clever little tablet can hold thousands of books, meaning children can have access to a whole library in the form of a lightweight and easily-transportable device. Kindles make reading more affordable and accessible to low-income families, and they also reduce the need to carry heavy books. It is very important for children to read as it can improve their emotional intelligence, cognitive function, and cultural awareness.


4. Blue Light Glasses

With all of this focus on technology, it is worth noting that screen time has a downside. Too much blue light exposure, especially before bed, can cause children’s eyes to get sore, and it can also reduce their ability to sleep. When the artificial light from computer and phone screens hits your eyes, it sends a signal to your brain that it is still daytime, so your sleep hormones are reduced. Blue light filtering glasses are a great solution and should be provided to children by schools.


5. Social Media Awareness Training

While technology and the Internet are great resources for kids, they do need to know how to keep themselves safe and spot false information. Social media awareness training is a great resource that schools can provide to kids. Children should be made aware of unrealistic body image trends, photo editing, online bullying, and all of the other toxic sides of social media. This will allow them to navigate these platforms more safely.


6. Internet Safety Guidelines

Finally, schools should provide a booklet on Internet safety that teaches kids not to interact with anonymous strangers, share their personal information or upload photos of themselves online. These simple guidelines could save the children in your school from a lot of the pitfalls of the online world.

As you can see, there are a lot of crucial resources that modern schools should provide to their students. Perhaps the most crucial resource of all is the Internet, and to access the full potential of the Internet, children need access to a great VPN. On top of these great resources, it is a good idea to provide Kindles to children, as they make reading more affordable and accessible. Another invaluable tool for kids is a pair of blue light glasses, which can block some of the harmful light from computer screens from going into their eyes. Finally, schools should provide resources for social media awareness training and internet safety guidelines. This will keep kids safe while they are online.

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