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6 Ways to Get Smart and Stay Smart


Are you keen to improve yourself as much as possible but don’t know what to do? Check out our six ways to get smart and stay smart now! 


1 – Work Out What Is Interesting To You

When it comes to being smart, you need to know what interests you so that you can pursue it and learn more. Trying to master everything is impossible and will only stress and frustrate you. Take some time to map out all the things you love and then make a plan to develop your knowledge in these areas. 


2 – Don’t Believe Everything You Are Told

It’s easy to believe everything someone tells you, especially when they appear to have in-depth knowledge of the subjects that interest you. However, rather than just taking information at face value, take some time to check out what you have been told so that you can be certain that your knowledge is based on facts. 


3 – Don’t Underestimate the Value Of Reading

In this technological day and age, many of us forget that giving time to reading is possibly the best way of developing your knowledge and understanding – making you smarter than ever before! Why not pick up a book on a topic that interests you or download an app like the Nerdish app so that you can take your reading on the go. 


4 – Reinvent the Wheel!

Rather than doing the same thing, the same way every time you do something, find new ways to do everyday things. This will not only make them far more interesting but will help your brain to get used to being inventive and teach you the ability to look at problems in more imaginative ways. When you exercise your brain in this way, you are learning transferrable problem-solving skills and getting smarter by the second! 


5 – Eat Well

We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to food, but when you eat a healthy diet, you are helping your body and brain to become smarter. Leafy greens, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats all work hard to renew your body, giving you more energy and better focus so that you can spend your time working on things that will make you smarter than ever before. 


6 – Perseverance is Key

If you are really committed to getting smarter, then you will need to be willing to persevere until it happens. Nothing worth knowing is learned easily, and you have to face the fact that you will need to give appropriate time and effort to achieving your goals if you are determined to get smarter. The good news is that the longer you persevere, the better your results will be! 


Get Started Today

The only thing that is standing between you getting smarter and not is you! Stop waiting for it to happen on its own and get started today! By doing this, you can look forward to achieving your goals sooner than ever. Remember that to get and stay smart, you will need to use our tips on a daily basis – good luck!


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