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Accurate International Translation Can Be Boon to Your Global Marketing Efforts


Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

Along with the dawn of the internet came the realization that businesses and organizations were no longer limited to selling locally. Now, the entire world has become their oyster, so to speak. All it takes is a computer, a high-speed modem, and accurately translated marketing material and branding, and you’re in business worldwide.

But not so fast. While providing potential customers with accurate translation of your goods and services is of paramount importance, the converse also holds true. Inaccurate translation can harm your brand significantly and turn off your potential presence in the global marketplace.

This is why, as a businessperson, it’s so important to invest in a qualified translator who can provide your company with the right words and the most accurate delivery. In other words, a potential customer perusing your marketing materials in another country, such as China, should have little idea, if any, that they are reading a translation. They should assume the voice is native and, therefore, speak directly to them.

Just knowing a couple of languages is not good enough. Professional, qualified translators should have at least three years’ experience as a full-time translator, a solid background in translation, and five to six years of full-time translation experience.

Obviously, translation is serious business. That said, how can accurate translation services be a boon to your global marketing efforts? According to a new report by LinkedIn, accurate translation is a profoundly important component of global marketing that can have a significant impact on a business’s or organization’s success in the international marketplace. Powerful and effective communication with international audiences has become essential as companies strive to reach well beyond their domestic borders.


Accessing Diverse Markets

Translation is said to allow organizations and companies to reach new and more diverse marketplaces by destroying language barriers. It can open the door to new and potential customers who prefer to read and interact with branding and marketing content in their own native language.


An Increase in Brand Visibility

Content that’s translated and, therefore, localized is said to greatly improve a brand’s visibility in online search engines. Multilingual search engine optimization or SEO is said to boost a website’s ranking with relevant keywords in multiple languages, which, in the short and long run, increases organic website traffic.  


Cultural Relevancy

Says LinkedIn, accurate translation isn’t just about words. In fact, it goes well beyond words. A translated marketing and branding campaign must consider a given country’s cultural preferences and nuances. By tailoring your translated marketing campaign toward a specific culture, you earn the trust and respect of potential customers.   


Increased Conversion Rates

It’s a given that when potential customers can read and absorb product descriptions, marketing materials, and product reviews in their native language, they are far more likely to make the decision to purchase. This means that accurate translation can lead to higher conversion rates, which translates into increased overall sales.


Improved Customer Experience

Providing support and information in a variety of languages is said to greatly improve the customer experience. Consumers feel far more valued when they can access the information they need seamlessly and effortlessly. If they need to work for the information, they will quickly exhaust their interest and move on to something else.


An Increased Competitive Edge

By offering translated marketing and branding material all around the world, a company will gain a distinctive competitive advantage in foreign markets. The willingness to accurately translate your marketing efforts is said to demonstrate a commitment to serving local customers. In this manner, your brand will be differentiated from its competitors.  


Managing Global Reputation

Accurate and effective translation will allow companies and organizations to better manage their global reputation. By resolving important issues and addressing customer concerns in the customer’s native language, a company will avoid a potential PR disaster.  


Saving Money

Accurate translation will reduce the need to produce separate marketing and branding campaigns for each target market you’re pinpointing. A culturally adapted, effectively translated marketing campaign will work across a variety of regions around the world, saving your business time and money.    

In the end, accurately translating your marketing and branding campaigns is well worth the investment. However, keep in mind that as powerful as today’s artificial intelligence or AI capabilities appear to be, nothing replaces the accuracy and effectiveness of a certified human translator. 

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