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Awesome Student Exchange Programs to Grow Your Career


Student exchange programs are great opportunities to go abroad and learn new things. The best thing is to apply for free student exchange programs or those with a scholarship. You can stay in a new country, discover a unique culture, and progress your academic experience. 

A large number of international programs are available for students ready to travel. We have handpicked the best student exchange programs for the coming year after thorough research. In the end, we selected the top programs just for you.

Here is the first exchange opportunity you may like to try out. 

Vienna Biocenter Summer School (Austria)

Graduates or students with a master's degree can go for the Vienna Biocenter summer school programs. You can research a variety of topics involving biology, neuroscience, and biochemistry. Students will get free accommodation and also a stipend to cover their expenses.

The program will give you a mentor and access to labs and equipment for your research. Students can also go on trips and visit popular sites in Vienna. 


  • BA, MSc, and masters in life science subjects
  • Research experience of 3 months
  • Proficiency in English
  • Good academic performance


Duration: June to August

Deadline: Applications open in December and end by January 31.


The Ashinaga Africa Initiative (AAI) 2021

The AAI is a great option for African high school students to study abroad. It's for students who lost their parents and are in poor economic condition. They can get a full scholarship to study in respectable universities abroad. However, students must return to Africa and serve the interests of the people.

The program has improved the lives of the students and also African people. Even students without financial strength can now lead a good life. 


  • National secondary school graduates
  • Experienced death of one or both parents
  • Inadequate financial conditions
  • Good academic records


Duration: Full-term

Deadline: February 2021


IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program 2021 (Vienna)

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is an excellent program. It is ideal for Ph.D. students. It's called the Young Scientists Summer Program and allows scholars to research on IIASA research agenda topics. You can travel and stay in Vienna with this student exchange scholarship.

Only 50 Ph.D. students stand to get a chance. So, you have to send in your application before the deadline. 


  • Students doing PhD


Duration: June to August

Deadline: January 14, 2021


Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

Graduates from Commonwealth countries can now study for masters for free. They can choose any developing Commonwealth country and pursue a master's degree in their topic. The scholarship pays all expenses, and the program is free. 

The scholarship is really a life-changing experience. You should surely give it a try if you belong to any of the Commonwealth countries. 


  • Graduates from Commonwealth countries
  • Ability to travel


Duration: Full-term 

Deadline: January 18, 2021


Rotary Peace Centers Fellowship

Students willing to study peace and development can apply for this fellowship. It's among the best cheap student exchange programs where all your expenses are paid. 

You can apply for a scholarship to study the master's course. Else, you can go for the professional development certificate program. The latter is suitable for professionals working to promote peace in any part of the world. You will learn through research and also take part in field studies. 

The goal of the scholarship is to create adept professionals who can work for peace and development. 


  • Graduates
  • Some work experience


Duration: Depends on the fellowship you choose

Application date: Starts from February 2021


Shanghai Jiao Tong University Scholarship

China is a great destination to discover some unique and cheap student exchange programs. Shanghai Jiao Tong University is offering 200 full scholarships for students worldwide. The initiative is funded by the Shanghai Government and covers all expenses. 

Students can opt for master's degree or doctorate programs using this scholarship. They can access multiple schools, research institutions, and affiliated agencies. You can go for a number of streams, including engineering, foreign languages, and pharmacy.


  • At least graduates
  • Good health to travel


Duration: Depends on the course

Deadline: March 31, 2021


CrossCulture Program 2021 Germany

People with a background in social activities can go to Germany to learn and grow their careers. It's one of the ideal free student exchange programs that help you grow and benefit society.

The CrossCulture Programme (CCP) will provide a hundred scholarships to professionals. The scholarship is available in chosen countries. You get all expenses covered, including airfares. Plus, those who get selected will also get a stipend. The program will be conducted at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, Germany.


  • 23 to 45 years in age
  • Proficiency in English
  • 2 years of work or volunteering experience
  • Involved with social activities


Duration: 8 - 12 weeks

Deadline: December 15, 2020


Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD)

Undergraduates with good academic performance can apply for Global UGRAD. They can get a chance to study in the USA for free for a full semester. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs manages the programs for students worldwide.

The education in the US will be only in non-degree programs. It allows people to live in America and get to know the culture. You can also develop professionally and engage in some community service. 


  • Above 18 years of age
  • Studying an undergraduate course
  • Willing to travel to the USA


Duration: One semester

Deadline: February 28, 2021


Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship

This scholarship is a good program for entrepreneurs to further their education in the USA. You can get a scholarship of $5,000 if your submission impresses the judges. You will get the scholarship directly credited to your university's account in the USA.

The scholarship hones the skills of emerging entrepreneurs during their study. However, you first need to secure admission to a university, college, or trade school. Then you can apply for the scholarship by submitting your essay.


  • Enrolment in US educational institution


Duration: Depends on your course 

Deadline: April every year


INTERPOL Internships Program 2021 France

Are you interested in crime and policing?

Then this program from Interpol is a suitable student exchange scholarship for you. The internship gives you a chance to work in Interpol. You can gain international experience staying in France. 

Internships from Interpol are available in policing and support services. Students who want a career in law enforcement will benefit from this program. You can select from a number of internships available from Interpol. Students get an allowance of 550 Euros per month to live in France.

Remember to check the official website for the latest information.


  • Graduates or enrolled in graduation
  • Belonging to Interpol member countries
  • Adult in age
  • Proficiency in English


Duration: 6 - 12 months

Deadline: Varies on the internship


Community College Initiative Program (CCI) USA

Underprivileged students from across the world can now study in the US. Specifically, the CCI helps students travel to the US and study in a community college for a year. There are no special requirements for the scholarship, and all secondary school pass outs can apply.

The students who get through can take up a variety of topics. You can study agriculture, business management, IT, and more subjects in your US community college. Plus, you don't need to worry about expenses as it's a full-paid scholarship.

Students will have to return to their home countries after the program is over. 


  • 18 years of age
  • Completed secondary school
  • Fundamental knowledge of English
  • Desire to learn and grow


Duration: One full term or year 

Deadline: Varies each year


Final Thoughts

You can find ample free student exchange programs from around the world. Keep checking online to discover the latest opportunities. You can also review our listed exchange programs and take up the one you like. Some programs may be delayed due to the pandemic of Coronavirus and travel restrictions. But many countries are allowing students to fly in, as is evident from the programs. Best of luck for the future!

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