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Best English Quotes about Love


Romantic quotes with a deep sense of love make hearts beat faster. The innermost feeling in the world can bring both great joy and great sorrow. Everyone has their own love story but some of them have a happy ending, while others have a sad ending. Only experience and time allow us to understand and appreciate true love. Even distance is not an obstacle for love and long distance relationships also exist.

Beautiful English quotes about love can cause tears or let your loved one understand how much he or she is dear to you. Some statements express deep joy about the happiness found. Others, on the contrary, make us think about whether we are with the right people.

  • Love is understood only by those who have experienced it. Alfred Tennyson
  • Everyone can love. But not everyone can be loved. If you want to become one, love the one who loves you. William Thackeray
  • In late love, there is no that passion inherent in twenty years. But it has such a depth of feelings that we don’t even dream of being young. Gilbert Chesterton
  • Appreciate those people who sincerely talk about their feelings because they are the most courageous, loyal, and reliable. Maugham Somerset
  • A loved one will always be perfect, even with shortcomings. William Shakespeare
  • You meet love exactly when you least expect it and look for it. James Matthew Barrie
  • Never betray the people who love you because they will be the only ones who remain nearby in difficult times. Robert Graves
  • Only giving people freedom can you understand if they really need you. John Lennon
  • Jealousy is always born simultaneously with love but doesn’t always die with it. Charles Caleb Colton
  • Women are born to be loved, not understood. William Gladstone
  • With one glance, you can kill love and revive it. John Tolkien
  • People sent to us by fate would never leave our lives. Therefore, it’s not worth worrying if the person has disappeared from your life. It was simply not your person. Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Only those who have a warm heart can experience infinite happiness and eternal love. Agatha Christie
  • Love is the only passion that cannot endure either the past or the future. Arthur Conan Doyle
  • When everything ends, the pain of a breakup is proportional to the beauty of experienced love. But it is difficult to withstand this pain because a person immediately begins to be tormented by memories. Rudyard Kipling
  • You need to have something in common to understand each other, and something different to love each other. Daniel Defoe
  • Dying for love is not difficult. It’s hard to find a love worth dying for. Oscar Wilde
  • To find love, you must stop looking for it. And then it itself will come, at least out of curiosity... George Byron
  • To be loved, it is best to be beautiful. But to be beautiful, you need to be loved. William Shakespeare
  • It is impossible to live without love, for that, the soul is given to people. Alfred Tennyson
  • Love alone, even the biggest one, is not enough: we must also make everyone around us know that you are loved and desired. James Matthew Barrie
  • Life without love is not life, but existence. William Gladstone
  • True love is like a ghost: everyone talks about it but few people saw it. Rudyard Kipling
  • In one minute of love, you will learn more about a person than in a month of observation. Somerset Maugham
  • We often look for tender words in our souls and hearts to express our feelings for loved ones when we want to give them joy. Arthur Conan Doyle


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