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Free Websites and Tools to Improve Your English


English has been long considered an international language, so every second person who strives to reach some heights tries to master English at a decent level. It doesn't matter what country you come from and what age category you belong to, but you should learn English to succeed and earn good money. The digital era has brought many positive changes in our life, and one of them is the ability to find and use free websites and tools to improve your skills in the chosen area. You don't have to spend hours on boring books or hire a tutor to improve your English. Nowadays, you can turn the learning process into a fascinating and pleasant adventure. Here are some online services that can help you a lot with that.



Live chatting is considered one of the best tools for improving language skills. Indeed, you can learn all grammar rules by heart, but you need a lot of practice to apply all your knowledge. It is a social network that can boast of a huge audience. Its number exceeds 55 million worldwide, so it will not be hard to find an interlocutor. You will improve your grammar skills with the help of various tasks that will be checked by native speakers, word games, and interactive tests. You can use this service free of charge unless you want to get access to video lessons and get a certificate in the end.



Young people spend most of their free time on social media, so why not use this peculiarity to your advantage if you cannot imagine your daily routine without social networks? This one can boast of more than 16 million active users, interested in studying a language and sharing their knowledge and experience. Thus, while one person wants to master English, another one wants to master Italian, for example. Each of them exchanges their knowledge on the topic, performs exercises, and checks each other's results. You get a native speaker tutor free of charge. If you want to study with a certain person, you can do it for an extra fee.


Learn English British Council

You can run into English learning websites here and there, so it is not surprising that the British Council can boast of their own as well. It is an incredible source of interesting material, videos, podcasts, audio tracks, and stuff, and you can get a chance to get prepared for the IELTS exam. If you are a football fan, you will enjoy the whole big section devoted to this kind of sport. The very peculiarity of the site you should be aware of is that all info provided will be in British English.

Many people face troubles with learning English just because they get bored too soon. Indeed, it is hard to stay awake, working on another grammar textbook with all these uninteresting, dry texts. However, if you visit this site, you will see that it is a completely different thing since it follows many modern trends and focuses on visual content. Thus, numerous pics and infographics will make the learning process captivating and suitable for people with different levels of expertise in English. It will be easier to learn idioms and set phrases using bright pics.

When like-minded people gather together to work on something they are fond of, they cannot but succeed. This website has been created by people who love English with their whole heart. It is a place where you can meet teachers, students, or simply admirers of the English language. You can start chatting with other users and ask questions about what you don't understand, so it will be easier to deal with the various set phrases' intricacies. You can send a voice message to a native speaker so they can evaluate your speaking skills and pronunciation, point out your mistakes, and suggest some tricks on how to improve it. If you are fond of competitions, you will like this site since the more active you are, then higher the scores you will earn.

After registration, you will be able to pick up an interlocutor and a suitable platform for your communication, for example, Skype. You will get a chance to work on your skills, improve your knowledge, and find out whether native speakers or other enthusiasts in your city would like to meet in person to work on speaking skills. If you have at least a pre-intermediate level, you should give it a try. You will gain confidence in your abilities, and at the same time, make new friends.

The site provides lessons that are accompanied by videos. The participants in the training videos are from the US and the UK. In each such video, you can hear conversational and natural phrases, see lively emotions, gestures, and facial expressions. Besides, there is the option to view videos with accurate subtitles. You can also take tests and various exercises after watching videos. All tasks are supplemented with images and audio files - this helps students understand what they hear and independently find answers to each test.

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