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Get Your Kids To Love Books With These Simple Tips


Reading books is a highly beneficial activity. Not only does it strengthen your brain and boost your vocabulary, but it also makes you more empathetic. Moreover, studies show that just 30 minutes of reading can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress. While you can pick up the habit of reading at any age, it is ideal to foster this at an earlier age. This is why parents need to teach their kids how to read, and help them to develop healthy reading habits. Here are some ways to do so.


Make It a Daily Experience

One way to foster a love for reading among your kids is to integrate it into their daily routine. Kids thrive on structure and routine because these let them know what to expect throughout the day. According to the UNICEF, even just 10 to 15 minutes of reading each day is enough to make your little ones curious. Eventually, they will come to consider reading as a normal and crucial part of their day. To further encourage them to make reading a habit, create a reading nook in your home where they can curl up with a good book. To make one, you can place a 2-seater couch near a window or turn the unused space under your stairs into a quiet and comfy place where your kids can read.  


Turn It into a Family Affair

Reading together is also an effective way to make your kids love books. Research shows that the act of reading together helps you and your child develop a mutually attuned bond. As such, consider turning reading into a family affair. You can read to your kids in bed so they can associate the experience with comfort. Make sure that your kids are involved by encouraging them to join in. Ask them what they think about the story you are reading and acknowledge their input as well.


Let Them Choose

Another important step in helping your child develop a love for reading books is to give them the power to choose. Letting them choose the books they want to read helps them create positive associations with the experience. As a matter of fact, a survey shows that 88% of kids are more likely to finish a book that they picked themselves, and 89% of kids found their favorite books through the ones they selected themselves.


Set an Example

Most children take on the habits they observe from their parents, so one way to effectively make your kids love books is to be your child’s reading role model. Make sure that you make reading materials readily available in your home and are easily within their reach. You can also take your kids to libraries and bookstores to let them experience the joys of book browsing early on. As well, read for leisure to emphasize that reading is not a chore, but an enjoyable activity.

Reading is a habit that should be developed as early as possible. By helping your kids develop a love for books, you also help them reap the benefits of reading in the long run.

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