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How to Build a Corporate Career As an English Major


English majors are a diverse group. Some go on to graduate school, while others find work in the corporate field. Data  shows that more than 1.7 million English degree holders in the US were employed. But whatever your interests and aspirations, you can use your English degree beyond traditional academia in many ways.

This article will explore the various corporate career paths available to English majors, including human resources, public relations (PR) manager, marketing and communications expert, etc. It will also cover building your professional brand by attending networking events and preparing for interviews by practicing for them.


Identifying Your Skills and Interests

You are the best person to identify your skills and interests. Make a list of all of the things that come naturally to you. What are your strengths? Are there any tasks or responsibilities others can't do as well as you? What do people say about how good at something is? Do any of these skills and qualities relate to what types of jobs exist in the world today?

You can also consider your interests to select career paths. For example, if you are fond of reading books, you can take up content writing in marketing as your career path. Many corporate organizations seek writers to help them create exceptional website content.

Your skills and interests are the core when selecting a corporate career, especially when you come from an English major background. This is because the enterprises who hire you would want to tap into your creativity and persuasion skills that come from your English major.

For instance, if you go with public relations as your career, you would have to persuade potential clients of a corporate to believe in its product or services and maintain a good reputation for the brand. Likewise, if you choose human resources manager as your career option, you must find top talents and persuade them to work for your organization.


Corporate Career Options for English Majors

English majors can pursue various corporate career options, depending on their skills and interests. Here are a few examples:

  • Communications Specialist: English majors with strong writing, editing, and verbal communication skills can work as corporate communications specialists. They create and distribute corporate communications such as press releases, speeches, and social media content.
  • Content Writer: English majors can also work as content writers for corporations, creating content for websites, blogs, and marketing materials. They need to have excellent writing skills and be able to tailor their writing to specific audiences. Data from Salary shows that a content writer can earn an average of $56,222 annually in the USA.
  • Marketing Specialist: Marketing involves creating and implementing strategies to promote products or services. English majors can work as marketing specialists, leveraging their writing and communication skills to create compelling marketing materials that resonate with target audiences.
  • Human Resources Specialist: English majors with strong interpersonal skills can work in human resources departments, where they can help recruit, train, and develop employees. They may also create employee handbooks, policies, and procedures.
  • Public Relations Specialist: English majors can work as public relations specialists, where they create and implement strategies to manage a company's image. They may write press releases, pitch stories to the media, and organize events to promote the company. According to the U.S. News & World Report, a PR specialist earn an average of $62,800 annually in the USA.


How to Enhance Your Corporate Career as an English Major

As an English major, you may feel that the skills you've learned in the classroom are not directly applicable to your career. However, there are many ways to use your degree in the workplace and beyond.

Pursuing Higher Education

Continuing your education can help enhance your career if you're an English major. One option is to go for a Ph.D. in English. A recent survey shows that 80 prominent institutes among 135 surveyed offer a Ph.D. in English in the US. These institutes also guarantee total funding for five years.

However, since you are planning a corporate career, you should try and get a degree in business management. Business management courses will teach you about corporate jobs and how to succeed.

Many institutions offer online and offline master’s degrees in business management. While there are also educational organizations that offer only online or offline classes,  it is best to select a university that provides both options.

If you are on the lookout for master's degrees for business management, you can find a university offering multiple programs with flexible schedules in this field. This will allow you to find a course that befits your needs. For instance, if you are employed, a university offering evening programs can allow you to attend in-class sessions while continuing your daily work.

If you are to take offline classes, you must also consider the location. Many factors come into play here. For instance, the location should have affordable housing, easy commute, good work opportunities, etc.


Networking is an essential skill for any career, but in the corporate field, connections can help you with almost everything you need, from finding a job to finding potential clients for the company you might work in. Networking allows you to meet people who can help your career in various ways. For example:

  • You might want to know if they know of any openings at their company or organization.
  • If something is going on in your field that interests you, networking can help connect you with the right people so that when registration opens up again next year, it won't be sold out before it even opens.


Building Your Professional Brand

In the corporate field, your reputation is everything. That’s why building your professional brand can enhance your career as an English major. What is a professional brand?

A professional brand is the image of yourself that you project to others and how people perceive you, including how they see your skills, experience, personality, and values. It's important because it helps employers understand who you are so they know if they want to hire or work with you.

This can help you stand out from the competition in the fierce corporate world. It will also help you demonstrate your skills and grow your professional network, both vital for enhancing your corporate career.



We hope this article has given you some ideas about using your English degree in an exciting career. The world is full of opportunities for people who love languages and literature, so don't be afraid to explore them.

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