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How to Write an Essay in 2 Hours: A Complete Guide


The essay writing process isn’t easy, more so if it has to be done fast. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Academic assignments often come with tight deadlines. In some cases, short deadlines are deliberate to push learners to find efficient strategies to express their ideas and research findings quickly and succinctly. That 7 pages critical analysis that you may be working on could be a test of your art of fast writing without compromising on quality.


Approaching an Essay with a Tight Deadline

Here’s how you can approach an essay with a tight deadline.

Analyze the assignment

Before you write, make sure you understand what is required. A common problem with students is not paying enough attention to the assignment. The work won’t be complete if you do not answer the professor’s question. Remember, you can always ask for clarification if the question is not clear enough. Keep all requirements in mind not to waste time.

Use professional services

Tight deadlines and overlapping assignments can really test your limits. But all is not lost. Urgent paper writing services like FastEssay can help you complete your “write my essay in 2 hours” request. Yes, you heard that right. Whether your paper is urgent or otherwise, they got you covered. This company offers specialized expertise in virtually all disciplines and all academic levels from high school to PhD. They have experienced writers who can produce high-quality essays and be your lifeline in urgent situations.

Plan out time

A good plan is the secret to managing time and writing an essay in 2 hours. You need to know how much time you have and exactly what you need to do. For example, you can approach a 6 pages paper as follows;

  • Crafting thesis statement – 15 minutes;
  • Creating an outline – 10 minutes;
  • Research – 30 minutes for every page of the paper approximately.
  • Writing – 30-40 minutes;
  • Editing – 20 minutes.
  • References – 10-15 minutes.

Create thesis statement

The thesis statement is your paper framework, so pay attention to it. It’s the main idea you will dwell on in your paper. Trust us when we say you’ll stay focused and write a paper in 2 hours if you narrow your thoughts down to one. Only after establishing the focus of your paper is when you can decide what to write and how to convince your readers of your position.

Start with a flat outline

Creating an outline gives your paper a general structure and a step forward in writing an essay fast. It will help you avoid blank page fear. When you know what to write about, it becomes easier to keep focus and not get distracted. The trick is to write the argument in the outline. So, if you have any idea for the argument, put a note in the outline as well.

Research efficiently

Conducting research with a limited time may seem difficult. We all know that by now. But don’t worry, you can manage that as well. Do not get distracted. Look for specific information since you already have the topic and thoughts around it. Remember that to write an essay fast, you must conduct research quickly. Worry not about researching extensively. You can always do more research later.

Start writing

Many writers struggle to start with the introduction part, but that’s normal. If that’s the case with you, start with the body. You can always write the introduction and conclusion afterward. Starting with the body is much easier after all; how could you introduce something you haven’t done? Let the flow guide you, and then you will edit later. Another trick here is not to do more than you have to. If it’s a 6 to 10-page paper, why go for 10 when time is a constraint? Keep in mind that it’s about quality, not quantity.


How Can I Write an Essay in 2 Hours?

The most student thing ever is doing an assignment at the last minute. Every college student knows there’s never enough time to start early or do something without a hustle. Writing a complex essay is time-consuming and might need a whole day. However, sometimes, you may need less than 2 hours to complete the assignment due to such issues as procrastination, a tight schedule, or an unexpected deadline. The reality of needing to produce a high-quality essay quickly can strike anyone at any time.

But how can you manage to do a college essay within 2 hours? Therefore, you must refine your time management and writing skills to be able to express your thoughts and ideas concisely and effectively under pressure. All in all, students need proper training and a solid strategy to be able to write an essay within a short turnaround time. Let’s explore ideal strategies and tips to complete essay assignments while racing against the clock.


7 Best Tips to Write an Essay in 2 Hours

What are some of the strategies we can employ to write urgent essays? Many students need such tips since we’ve all been there where we must submit a paper urgently. The pressure to quickly produce a comprehensive and coherent piece on a complex topic can overwhelm even the most diligent learners. Yet, poorly researched essays or hurried writing can fail to meet the required standard. The following tips can be the easiest way to draft a successful essay.

  1. Identify your essay topic. Do not underestimate the essence of your essay topic. It is very crucial. Depending on a few parameters, essay questions can either be given or will be open for writers to choose. In many cases, the title is always given. Whether in general overview or a specific approach, you should always focus on the type of analysis to accord with the article. Besides, decide the subject of the essay, the best approach plan, and the objectives you wish to meet in under 2 hours.
  2. If you need to research, remember that you’ll not have time to think about your entire piece. Straight-up search for more specific facts and points. Find the main concept that you will apply to your essay. Due to time constraints, go for the kill – main points.
  3. Outline your topic ideas. Have an outline to visualize the final paper. It’s easy to crack this. Start by stipulating your topic, follow by respective ideas, and remember to leave a space for further expounding. Lastly, make more detailed explanations related to your main idea.
  4. Design your thesis statement. A thesis statement tells the reader how you will interpret the significance of the subject matter under discussion. It’s a road map for the paper. So, ensure it conveys the purpose of your essay and emphasizes the topic. Please do not take more than 5 minutes on it. It should be straightforward.
  5. Write the body first. Begin with the body paragraphs where you argue your main points. This approach allows you to get into the crux of your essay immediately. It ensures you don’t run out of time before making your key arguments.
  6. Draft the introduction and conclusion. Once the body of your essay is in place, drafting the introduction and conclusion becomes much easier. This strategy ensures that your opening and closing sections accurately reflect the content and direction of your entire essay. Begin with an attention grabber, something like a quote or some statistical data relevant to the subject. In conclusion, restate the thesis statement and connect it with the evidence you provided in your body.
  7. Proofread your essay (5-10 minutes). This last step is equally essential. The main focus is ensuring that sentence construction is perfect, grammar is correct, and no errors and spelling mistakes are included. Polish your English to make it outstanding. Pay attention to the thesis statement and the topic sentences. That’s it! Your essay is now ready.


It’s Possible Within 2 Hours!

Yes, it is possible to write an essay in 2 hours. You now understand that it’s completely possible to be more efficient and fast with your college papers. All you need is a proper plan, focus, and dedication with your college essays. Get into it, write fast, and edit slowly. Good luck!


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