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Media Future for Students


New Technologies in the classroom

One of the things that we all agree on is that technology is evolving at a very fast rate. Technology advancement has affected nearly every sector, including education. This is unlike in the past, when the education sector was considered to be slow in changing the way things are done. For a long time, the classroom experience had always remained the same. However, it is now hard to ignore the many benefits of the use of technology in education. Here are some of the developing media novelties that will bring -or are bringing- a change in education rather soon.

Virtual Reality in the classroom



The use of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) will enable teachers to offer a more enhanced experience in the classroom. This education technology may mark the beginning of the end of chalk or even markers in the classroom. By keeping their learners engaged in the classroom, teachers understand that this can really draw their attention. With the application of virtual reality, pupils can get into a world outside the classroom. Rather than being shown an ancient Rome in the textbook, they will now be able to put on a headset and experience everything in virtual reality.

Augmented reality is a great way of showing content to students in a detailed way. It is different from virtual reality in that AR offers a digital representation of the different artefacts into the class. Learners can view and even manipulate the objects to have a better experience and do a better exploration. These two tech tools can help to keep students captivated and engaged during the lesson. The strengthening of AR and VR technologies will soon offer endless opportunities in education.

Artificial Intelligence in the classroom



With the continued rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the education sector is set to benefit too. This will also change the way the traditional classroom operates. There are now tools such as Professor Einstein, a robotic representation of Albert Einstein, which will help young students to understand science. The robots can give lectures, answer questions, joke around and even help kids to relate using silly facial expressions. There are other tools that are being implemented that can help students sort their math or spelling issue. If a student doesn’t understand anything, they can find a top essay writing service to handle their papers.

Not only do we expect artificial intelligence to be of benefit to students, but we will also begin to see more tools that will get introduced to benefit both teachers and educators. Some of the examples include grading assistants and chatbox. On the part of the student, various tools will make it easier to write their assignments. Tools such as Grammarly or LanguageTools will make it easier for learners to handle their assignments. With the use of AI, it will be possible for professionals to spend more time teaching and less time in administrative roles.

Mobile learning


Mobile learning

One of the areas where we expect to see the use of technology in learning is on the use of mobile learning tools. Today, over 70% of teenagers have access to smartphones. They can use them to get good opinion topics or even research answer to their questions. One thing that the majority of educators agree with is that connecting mobile technology inside and outside the classroom will play a role in providing a more integrated learning experience for learners. The fact that students can share content and get motivation using apps is a key benefit. When video games are incorporated, this can help them to increase their productivity as well as the amount of information they can retain.

One thing that is clear is that students can retain more information when they handle a curriculum that is tailored to meet their learning speed and styles. With the use of mobile learning platforms, students can use big data analytics not only to observe the preferences of the learner but also to understand what may work or not work as part of the curriculum. This can make it easier for educators to customize their education plan for classroom experience and individual students. In 2019, we will continue to see the increased use of mobile learning in the classroom.




So, it is clear that technology in school has a bright future. We will continue to see exciting innovations in the tech space as the classroom environment continues to change from the traditional format to the more interactive and immersive environment. The use of mobile learning, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented learning will continue shining, and these are now must-have additions in the classroom. The earlier the educators integrate these tools in their classroom, the better it will be for them and the students too.

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