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Plagiarism Software for Students and Teachers


Everyone is running towards shortcuts of working due to the bust daily schedule and advancement in technology. The students now are not working hard for assignments, and they just do copy-paste from any book or article without searching about its authenticity and reliability. This has developed an educational gap between the students. In order to overcome this issue, the software developers have designed and launched such websites and software that can check the authenticity of the document.

These software, tools or websites are quite helpful for the teachers in accessing their student's working, reliability status, either he has worked by himself or not. The students who get caught with plagiarized content then have to take the punishments designed by the institute. This also is a source of embarrassment and shame for the student.

Firstly, the students should know the importance of the authentic data and the consequences of the plagiarized content. This will help them in identifying the right way afterwards. The plagiarism on the student level is still a mild offence but if you are going to publish the work and then you got caught with plagiarism error, you have to bear the serious consequences. The plagiarism is an offence and crime in academics. The person from whom you have stolen the data can file a case of copyrights and then you have to deal with the legal consequences.

If you plagiarized the content, then it will be unfair for the person whose data you have stolen. It also affects you, as none will believe and rely on you. You have to face problems in the professional and educational side. Your credibility will get damaged, and it will be difficult for you to publish any research afterwards. Here we can quote the example of Jonah Lehrer who had to resign recently from the job as a writer because he was caught with the plagiarism in his wordings them multiple times. He had used the fabricated data as well that is the fake data (another type of plagiarism). This has led to great shame and destroys the career. After this, reliability and credibility become zero.

Here are the tips by which students can prevent the plagiarism claims:

  • Read the article thoroughly and completely before forwarding it
  • Purify the document with a reliable plagiarism checker.
  • Put citation and bibliography of all the data that you have taken from others
  • Use proper referencing formats
  • Never forget to put the quotation marks around every quotation.
  • Make the reference list on separate files while writing so that you will not forget any reference to cite in the final article.
  • Do not forget to save the changes as the article rows. Save the previous data then move forward.
  • Use your own words and writing style to write any document so that you can prevent the similarity index.

Following are some software or websites that help teachers to find any plagiarism in the assignments of the students and the students as well in purifying their document before submission:


Turnitin is used worldwide and is considered among top plagiarism checker tools. It has a large number of users in all countries. Mostly, the teachers use this in checking their student's assignments. The procedure is quite simple. The teacher makes a class on the Turnitin and provides the id and password to all the students. The students have to make their account on the Turnitin then enroll in the class. They will find the assignment title, assignment guidelines provided by the teacher, the submission date. After this, they can submit their assignments on this.

It automatically reviews all the assignments and generates a report of the plagiarism which students can download as well to find their mistakes. Everyone who wants to use Turnitin needs to make an account on it. Turnitin is not a free tool. Teachers and universities buy this.

Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is a free plagiarism checker tool that you can use for multiple purposes. All these plagiarism checker tools are reliable. You can trust on these, and your written document will not leak. The students can check the plagiarism before submitting it to the teacher on this. You can purify your document written in any format. Using this website, you can use other tools like grammar and paraphrasing to enhance the quality of the data. This helps you in increasing the readability of the document that will be really helpful in getting approval for the publishing.

The direct uploading of the document can be made possible on this website. You can use it with the Chrome browser easily. This made its use easier and convenient. This software is quite reliable as you can check its reviews. Most of the users give it five stars.  

 Check Plagiarism is an online plagiarism checker tool. It is not free to use. You have to buy it. It provides three sorts of the plan: a basic plan for 10 $, the standard plan for 20 $ and a company plan for 50 $. They claim the safety and security of your content.  Also, they claime to pay the money back in case of any inconvenience.

The check plagiarism provides 10 times more speed than the other free plagiarism checkers. These offer their services to universities, teachers, professors, institutes.

Write Check is another reliable plagiarism checker that provides its facilities for plagiarism detection, grammar mistakes detection, professional tutoring. Following are some amazing features of the WriteCheck plagiarism tool:

  • Keep the same original format of the document
  • Feedback (step by step)
  • Detect grammar issues
  • Detect sentencing errors
  • Detect spelling errors
  • Access to 60 billion-plus web pages
  • Access to 600 million-plus student papers
  • Bibliography filters
  • Citation filters

Plagiarisma is a free plagiarism tool so that everyone can get access to this. It is the alternative of Turnitin. The person who cannot buy the Turnitin can use the plagiarism and find the plagiarism percentage for clarity of the document. 

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