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Problems searching for a new job? Tips here


Searching for a new job

After you are done with your coursework and finally get your degree, you have to start looking for a job in your preferred company, which at first sight may seem straightforward and easy. If you have some skills under your belt and a degree, jobs will find you. Of course, your degree might not get you a job within your first month of search. The key here is not to give up.

Yes, looking for a job may be difficult. But you are not alone. There are millions of other job-seekers just like you. When you understand the difficulties surrounding job applications, you are likely to come up with tactics to overcome these issues. So in this article, we are going to give you a few tips regarding what you should consider upon starting your own quest.


English qualifications

If you are not an English native we can say that today, in most job offers, a good command of English is almost a must. In the past, a basic level could open many doors. Not anymore. Today most people have a decent level of English and demands have risen. Having a B1 level is quite common, so if you want to use English as an advantage, you need at least B2. Moreover, claiming a good English level is usually overlooked. Don’t expect they will simply believe you and then check your level in an interview, since the hard thing is how to get an interview. You need to proove you have that level so possibilities to be called increase. So look for a prestigious or recognized certificate which you know will be accepted in your area as reliable, such as Cambridge exams, Oxford or even some good local certificate issued in your country.


The resume (CV)

For every job opening, there are over 250 resumes sent by candidates looking for employment. Of these 250 resumes, 75% will be rejected by the applicant tracking systems that are set up by companies to eliminate terribly writer resumes. Out of the few that are actually read by the recruiter, only 4-6 individuals will be called for an interview. What does this mean for you? It means that you will probably be competing over 250 people for every single position you apply for. Make sure your resume is detailed, well written and properly arranged. Make sure that the recruiter is intrigued by you and eager to meet you. If you are called for the interview, you are definitely a step closer to landing that dream job.


Companies are too keen on details

Clearly, companies are looking for the perfect person for each position. These are tough economic times. No one wants to lose money because they hired and ill-qualified individual. In the past, one person would work in the same position for all their lives. These people were employed as long-term investments, and the company would train them in the areas they did not know. Today, however, both companies and individuals are looking for greener pastures- more skills and better opportunities respectively. They are therefore led to being more selective since they need a person who must offer value immediately and might, in the future, leave.


Lack of HR staff

In the past, the HR (Human Resources) departments were well staffed. Today however these departments only have a few members who are expected to handle compensation and benefits, employee relations and recruitment processes. Two individuals going over 100 resumes means that they are overworked and tired. This is a huge reason why recruitments have degraded so badly.


Little to no professional network

While some jobs are advertised, up to 80% of the posts are not promoted. If you have a proactive network, then you are likely to get a lot more help with your applications. Recommendations from other people who are qualified within an organization will help your application. However, this does not mean that you should just sit and wait for people to recommend you for these positions. You have to go out and get some experience with job hunts on your own. Try some volunteer and practice jobs that will help you build your network and learn how to tell your career transition story with confidence. You can read this little guide on How to Make a Career Development Plan.


Lack of keywords in the resume

As mentioned earlier, most of the resumes are rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems. They often just screen the resumes for keywords. It is a daunting method for people to hire others this way, but it is the unfortunate reality and the reason why most people do not get jobs in big companies. Most applicants are unaware of these systems and just how difficult they make your applications. To overcome this challenge, make sure that your CV contains the relevant keywords that are recognized by ATSs. With these keywords, you can be certain that your application will move from the machine to the table of the HR manager. It takes you a step closer to getting that interview.


Not applying for the right position

Before you set out to make your application, it is critical that you go through the job posting and understand the position and the responsibilities therein. Faith is great, and sometimes you will get accepted for a position you did not apply for, but the chances of this happening are too small to risk it. If you do not want to get frustrated that applications are not going through, apply for the right positions. As mentioned previously, HR managers are probably overworked and will only spend a few minutes with one resume. If you feel qualified, showcase your skill sets on the applications. Make sure that it catches the eye in a glance and jobs will come to you. Highlight your strengths in your summary statement.


The cover letter

It is not always about your CV. Sometimes, it is also about your cover letter. Highlight one or two things you liked about companies you are applying for. Most candidates make a mistake of sending the same cover letters with all their applications. A move that costs them all the jobs they could have had if they had focused on making a great cover letter.

And now, having these things in mind, go for it and don’t give up. It may take time, but if you do things right you will finally get what you want.

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