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Study in Europe: Top 3 Business Schools to Obtain an MBA


MBA programs have been developing for more than 100 years. Experts note that each of the western countries and even business schools have developed their own traditions of teaching. The peculiarities of MBA program implementation depend not on the location but the specifics and diversification of contacts of a particular educational institution and the qualification of its teaching staff. Therefore, it is not so important in which country to obtain an MBA – the choice of business school is more important.


Top 3 MBA Offers in European Countries

According to the annual Financial Times business school rankings, the leaders in the quality of MBA programs in Europe are the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, and some other countries. These are the top three European countries providing the best MBA courses in their educational facilities.

MBA Course from the University of Mannheim in Germany

On the rating charts of countries offering MBA programs in Europe, Germany has appeared relatively recently, but it is already steadily occupying high positions. In private German universities, tuition is paid only, while in public tertiary institutions, even the second higher education can be obtained completely free of charge. Teaching in local business schools is conducted in German, but in departments for international students studying MBA programs here is performed mainly in English. The superb quality of training and its affordable cost attract a stable flow of people from abroad who want to become professionals in business administration. For example, 90% of attendees of the Berlin European School of Management and Technology are international students. One of the most prestigious business schools in the country is located at the University of Mannheim. It offers two types of MBA programs:

  1. European MBA (1-year MBA program). Accelerated and relatively inexpensive (by European standards) training lasting one year. Lectures are given in English.
  2. ESSEC&-Mannheim Modular Executive MBA. Such a program is designed for 20 months and consists of five modules that take place in Brussels, Manheim, Madrid, Paris, and Budapest. Training is also conducted in English.

Another famous higher institution that introduces MBA programs in Germany is the International Center for Graduate Studies at the University of Hamburg. Admission is possible based on a bachelor’s degree. At the magistracy level, students acquire knowledge of management or European business law. Training is performed in German. In addition to a graduate degree, an MBA candidate must have a basic knowledge of politics, law, or business. The cost of studying is rather affordable – a two-year program will cost you about 8,820 euros annually.

MBA Course from the Nyenrode Business University in Holland

In this small country, there are as many as fifteen institutes of international education aimed at foreign citizens. Teaching is conducted in English. MBA programs in the Netherlands are designed for 1-2 years. Close attention is paid to independent research work. The educational process is built on the principle of interactivity, focused on problem-based learning, and is closely linked to real-life business, due to the provision of internships in significant enterprises.

Often these programs include the international modules, like in the case with the world-known Nyenrode Business University, where International MBA learners study not only in Holland but also in South Africa and China. Future entrepreneurs and managers can savor its two in-demand business courses – Full-time MBA and Executive MBA for €42,000 and €47,000 correspondingly.

Among other prestigious Dutch schools of business that offer MBA programs, there is the Arnhem Business School, which functions as a faculty of the HAN University of Applied Sciences. The cost of studying there ranges from 8,750 to 15,600 euros per year.

MBA Course from LBS in the United Kingdom

Usually, specialists with at least two years of experience in executive positions are accepted for MBA training in England. The UK business schools confidently take the first place in the world rankings, successfully withstanding competition with their US rivals. Experts from the Financial Times magazine believe that 13 of the top 50 best business schools are located in Great Britain. British MBA programs have the following features:

  1. The duration of most programs is one year. The short period of studying makes training intensive and busy.
  2. Two-year programs include studies at other tertiary education institutions, usually outside the United Kingdom.
  3. Students take summer internships in the world’s largest enterprises. If an MBA program attendee has a positive reputation during the internship, then, at the end of the training, he/she can fetch a well-paid managerial position in the host organization.
  4. Ten of the hundred British business schools providing MBA programs have received the prestigious Triple Crown accreditation (EQUIS + AACSB + AMBA).

Earning an MBA in London is not the cheapest option. London Business School (LBS), which is included in the world’s top 5, guarantees the most attractive MBA program in the United Kingdom. To master business matters within its walls, you will have to pay about 88,000 pounds per year, with the full course’s duration varying from 15 to 21 months. Another minimum of £6,900 will cost to rent a dorm room for one semester. Requirements for applicants include work experience of at least two years, GMAT – 600, TOEFL – score 105 or IELTS – 7.0, and GPA 3.5.

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