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Top 3 Spell Checkers for Your Flawless Writing


There is no such thing as flawless writing. People by nature are not immune to making mistakes. The secret to effective and successful writing unmarred by silly typos, grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes lies in our ability to proofread meticulously. Proofreading and editing your content is easy as never before. Now that most texting apps feature built-in spell checkers, users can focus on the content rather than checking their messages for grammar and spelling errors. What’s more, the Internet is teeming with tools that are designed specifically to help users spot and correct different types of errors that might appear in their writing. But when it comes to selecting the right tool, many users find themselves at a loss to know which one can work the best for them. We also want to help you in your writing endeavors and therefore prepared the list of the top spell and grammar checking tools you can avail yourself of to impress your readers. And you can check it out right now.


#1 Grammarly

Whether you’re writing a book, crafting an email, or submitting a paper, having professional proofreading software can be a lifesaver. And Grammarly is definitely among the top-ranked spellcheckers of its kind. Grammarly is effective for checking and monitoring online writing like Facebook, blogging, and forums. It also helps to check important academic papers, books, and scripts.

Grammarly employs three effective tools to do its proofreading job. There’s the Grammarly browser extension which alerts you to silly mistakes while crafting a not so witty Facebook post or comment. There’s also the Microsoft Word and Outlook plugin that comes a long way towards helping you check official documents with a click. Grammarly’s spell checker is also commonly considered a more effective alternative to Word’s native spelling and grammar checker. Finally, there’s a downloadable Grammarly personal editor app or online version. You can use this app to type, copy and paste, or just drag and drop your documents into Grammarly. With Grammarly, you also get vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and access to Grammarly’s automatic plagiarism detection system.


#2 Tools

If you want to instantly check your papers, emails, or documents for grammar and spelling mistakes, consider making use of tools offered by a web-based service. The service enables you to use a set of free spell checking solutions wherewith you can refine your writing in a matter of seconds. utilizes the state-of-the-art techniques to cater to their users’ individual needs. Thus, you can choose among the English language varieties like British English, American English, or Canadian English and rest assured that your text will be checked in accordance with the standards and rules of a selected type of English. developers note that their English spell check database boasts more than 100,000 entries, which enables you to detect more spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntactical mistakes in your text. Thus, not only does SpellChecker eliminate the superficial spelling and grammar errors, but also helps improve the semantic structure of sentences and eliminate convoluted syntax and wordiness from your writing.  But English isn’t the only language you can choose. There are 24 languages at your disposal, which is quite a convenient option for second language learners.


#3 ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach

Another spell checker that is rightly considered a worthy competitor of the aforementioned tool is ProWritingAid Grammar Checker and Writing Coach.

ProWritingAid is a full-fledged grammar checker, style editor, and writing coach that doesn’t only help to detect errors in your writing but also enables you to learn from your mistakes. It can integrate with Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, and Scrivener to help you write better documents in real time on the web. With the help of this professional tool, you can find better words to express yourself. Forget about messy long paragraphs that don’t run smoothly, overused words, and clichéd and awkward phrases. ProWritingAid checker will scan your text for different types of mistakes and offer a comprehensive report upon finishing checking your writing. The checker will flag potential writing issues in text and suggest possible improvements. Thus, ProWritingAid can reinforce proper proofreading and revision habits and help you develop essential writing skills.

 ProWritingAid also has an integrated plagiarism detection tool that can catch plagiarism and help you ensure your text doesn’t contain duplicate and unoriginal content.


Bottom Line

The way you write can say much about you. The ability to write coherently, effectively, and correctly is a mark of an educated, intelligent writer whose professionalism is indubitable. But the ability to write well (at least in terms of grammar) is not an inborn ability, but the result of hard work and practice. Hopefully, those three spell checking tools we’ve mentioned on our list will help you hone your writing skills and become proficient at wordsmithing.   

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