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- Meaning

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- Pronoun

- Every one vs Everyone

- Every vs All



EVERY vs EACH / Every one
Level: Level: Easy

EVERY vs EACH / Everyone vs Every one

Meaning  Both can be used with little difference in meaning

Every/Each house comes with a garage

But we prefer EACH when we are thinking of people or things separately (one at a time), and we prefer EVERY when we are thinking of people or things together, in a group (remember that EVERY is similar to ALL)

- Each student had to stand up and give an example (more normal than: ...every student)
- The rain fell on every tree (more normal than: ... on each tree)
- She lost every penny she had
- I put a stamp on each envelope

Usage EACH and EVERY are both normally used with singular nouns. EACH can be used to talk about two or more people or things. EVERY is normally used to talk about three or more:
- 1: X
- 2: Each
- 3, etc: Each / Every

- We are losing customers every/each year
- She was wearing rings on each hand  (not: ...on every hand)
- Every child needs a family
- Each girl has a bag

As a pronoun EACH can also be a pronoun, but EVERY needs ONE

- I have two dogs, each has its own dish  (also: ...each one has...)
- I don't have more dictionaries. I have sold every one


Everyone= Everybody (All the people)
- Everyone was trying to find a place to park  (= Everybody was...)

Every one = Every + the pronoun ONE
- I have many friends. Every one is dear to me  (= Every friend is...)


For the difference between EVERY and ALL see: Every vs All / Both.

- Every animal in the zoo had a name = All the animals in the zoo had a name


  Every y Each, los dos pueden traducirse en español por CADA


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