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- Exclamations with HOW

- Exclamations with WHAT




Make exclamations with HOW
Make exclamations with WHAT
Inversion: Exclamations and Questions…
Exclamations with HOW / WHAT
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Exclamations with HOW / WHAT -Spanish
Level: Level: Easy

Exclamations with HOW / WHAT

We make exclamations using HOW and WHAT
HOW + adjectives / adverbs

- How nice!
- How nice it is!
- How tall that tree is!
- How big your house is!
- How fast!
- How fast the train goes! (= the train goes very very fast)
  WHAT (a) + nouns

the article "a" is only used with countable singular nouns, as usual
- What a surprise!
- What a big house you've got!
- What stupid things you say!
- What beer!

since they're not questions, there is no inversion!!!

- How big that tree is ! What a big car you have ! (exclamation, no inversion)
- How big is that tree !
- How big is that tree?  (question, inversion)


- How beautiful she is  (how + beautiful: adjective)
- What a beautiful girl she is  (what + a beautiful girl: noun)


Click here for SO / SUCH for exclamations


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