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Create your own video pages

As a registered user you can create your own video pages, just like the ones you can find at the VIDEOS or MUSIC sections!

This video shows you how to create a video page and your own activities (maximize it to see every detail):

Here are some more detailed instructions:

To create your video pages go to your user's menu and click on "My Videos". A list will open with a big green + sign at the top. Click on the + and fill in the form. You'll find there all the help you need in case you have any doubts when filling in. In a couple of minutes you can have your video page done, or you can make a masterpiece by adding careful comments and explanations. You can also create activities and exercises to go with that video if you want (for that, go to "My Activities" link). The videos you create will be visible in the OPEN SECTION of the website, so we have two big parts on the web, the "Official Section" with the videos I create, and the Open Section with the videos you guys create, both categorized in different channels.

You can edit or eliminate your videos from your user's menu. You can also share your section with other people (on Facebook, by mail, etc). Your "personal website" with all the videos you submit will be accessible for everyone at this url:****       

Replace **** with your user nick and your id, for example  To find out your own address go to the user's list, look for your nick, enter your list and copy the url from your list page.


Open Section


Creating a video page is very simple. When you open the uploading form you will see that next to each box there is an info icon: Info If you move your mouse over it you can read help for that box. But if it is the first time you create a video page you should read the INSTRUCTIONS link that appears on top of the page . There you can find detailed instructions to help you create your video pages. Just follow the instructions step by step and your video page will be created in a moment.

We will review your video to make sure it is acceptable for everyone and when we activate it your video will become public and will appear in the Open Section for everyone to see.

The Open Section is a section for users, so your English doesn't need to be perfect, just do your best. Other users can write comments for your video page and they can help you correct mistakes or complete information. You can use those comments to improve your video page and make it better. When you want to modify your page, go to your account, click on the "My Videos" link again, and then click on the "Edit" icon of the video you want to modify. There you can change things any time you want. And you can also eliminate your video page if you want to. If your video page is good quality and really interesting it might be promoted to the Official Section, thus getting more exposure.

So come on! be brave and start creating your own video pages. Now you can also be a webmaster on M-E!


As a rule, we will accept all video pages submitted by users but we may reject your video page in some special cases including, but not restricted to, these:

Automatic rejection:
- If the video (and your text) is not suitable for all viewers (because it contains violence, sex, bad language, racism, etc.)
- If the video is not in English
- If you use it (now or in the future) to insert any kind of advertising or write about things not connected to the video content. (advertising inserted on the video by YouTube is ok, since we cannot do anything about it).
Probable rejection:
- If the video page is completely boring or stupid and has no linguistic or entertaining interest at all.
- Videos with no transcription must be really interesting to be approved.

Once the video is accepted and published, your name (nick) will appear after the title. If in the future you unsubscribe and eliminate your account, your video pages will still be visible in the open section but your name will not appear anymore.


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