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There is not such a thing as a free website, if you are not paying for it, then someone else is.


Because access to education should be free and available to every human being, no matter their residence or their income. This website is not a business company but a charity project made by just one teacher who is, nevertheless, lucky to get some help from former students. Building, upgrading and maintaining this free website takes an enormous lot of time, effort, dedication... and money. A lot. It's not possible to continue with this project without some financial help.

So if you like this site, find it useful, please, support it with your donation. Every single dollar will be appreciated. We need to keep this website free, for all those out there who can't pay for it.

Thanks :-)


Just click on the button below and insert the amount you want to donate (anything from 1€ to millions :-)) . You can pay using your credit card, your PayPal account or your bank account number. The donation is processed through PayPal, the number 1 in secure web transactions so you don't have to worry about your transaction being safe, because it will.

Botón de donación


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: videos are not hosted on our server and we cannot hold copyright over our video transcriptions or video covers, so your contribution would disregard those aspects of this website.


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