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Some teachers want to use these videos in class but they don't have an internet connection there. Some students want to work with their videos in their MP4 player or mobile phones. Some leaners would like to listen to the audio from the videos over and over again, in their car, when going for a walk, while MP3 player waiting for the bus or at the doctor's waiting room, so they would need the mp3 audio track from the video. NOW IT'S EASY, here's how:


Go to this website:

On the URL box, paste the url of the video page you want to download, for example:

Click on the "download video" button.

YouTube videos usually come in different formats, so you may have to choose one of the different images they offer you. Then you will come to a page where you can choose the kind of format you want to get. You can download it as mpg, avi, mp4, mp3, etc. Choose the format you need.

If you also need the transcription and explanations, just get them using the PDF icon you can find above the transcription on M-E website pages. You'll get a PDF version of the page to print or download.


print video page


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