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Voice Reader functionality is only available in those cases where your browser and operative system supports it (see list at the end). When not supported, the voice icon will not appear.

The Voice Reader will read all the text, just click anywhere on the text to hear it all. Let's see now how it works (the appearance of images may differ a bit).

When you open a video, grammar, phonetics or activity page, somewhere near the top you will find a voice icon looking like this:  Reader's voice off . Click on it to activate the sound. Now you can click or touch the text you want to hear. But also, when you activate the voice, a configuration menu will show, looking like this:

Reader's Menu

This menu may change a bit depending on your smartphone brand or PC, operative system and web browser, because those things will decide which options are available. Let's see each functionality from left to right.

Reader's info icon This icon opens this info page, so you already know its use.

Reader's accent This button lets you choose the accent you prefer for the voice. The list of accents depends on your browser, device and other things, so the language list may vary from one computer or phone to another. When you click this button, the accents list will open and you can choose one:

Reader's menu accents list

If your system only allows for the system's default accent, which is American English, instead of this button you will see a sign like this: Reader's default accent Access to different accents is less probable on your smartphone than on your PC.

Default language: If you choose a different accent, your option will be stored on a cookie so next time the same accent will come out. If you delete or block cookies, that choice will be removed and forgotten, so a different accent may play unless you choose a new accent again.

And last, but not least, you have the speed console:

Reader's speed Using the minus (-) and plus (+) buttons you can increase or decrease the speed of the reader. Clicking on the speed button in the middle will reset the speed to normal. Changes to speed wil lhave effect the next time you use it (no real time effect).

Click this icon  Reader's voice on to stop the sound mode and hide its configuration bar.

Click this icon  Close reader icon to close the configuration bar without stopping the reader.


When you activate sound on a page, a little floating sound dashboard will appear near the top in your PC and near the bottom in your mobile phone, looking like this:

Reader's voice on

If you click on a word from the text, the reader will read it, but if you click here on the Play button, the reader will read the complete text, starting from the beginning. You can click on the Stop button to stop the reading (but Play will always start from the beginning again).

If you are in an activity window, this dashboard will appear under the Voice Reader configuration menu, on the left side. Same if you are using M-E on your mobile phone.


Mobile browsers
Chrome Android V Works (only American English)
Opera Android V Not supported yet (available in the future)
Firefox Android V Not supported yet (available in the future)
Dolphin Android V Not supported yet (available in the future)
Safari iOS V Works (only American English)
Chrome iOS V Works (only American English)
PC browers
Chrome PC  V Works
Opera PC  V Works (only v.44 or higher)
Firefox PC V
IExplorer PC (< v.11)
 V Not supported. Deprecated version.
IExplorer PC (W10)
 V Works
Safari Mac  V Works
Chrome Mac  V Works
Firefox Mac  V Not supported yet (available in the future)

Note: When the Voice Reader is not supported, the sound button will not show.


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