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Phonetic transcription system used here


All the transcriptions on this site use the standard IPA system.

teacher:  /ti:tʃə*/

To mark the stress we underline the stressed vowel, though many dictionaries also use the ( ' ) mark:  /'ti:tʃə*/. In British English the sound / r / is only pronounced if it is followed by a vowel but in American English it is always pronounced, so we mark this sound with an asterisk / * / to show that it is silent in BrE but pronounced in AmE.

If you don't know these transcription symbols you can have a look here: IPA SYMBOLS, with sound. There is a complete Phonetics Section if you need to learn more about this.

You can also create your own phonetic transcriptions with this Transcription Box and then paste it anywhwere you need.



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