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The new European law for personal data protection on websites (GDPR) requires of us to inform you what kind of personal data we collect from you, why we do so and how we store it, so we will do here just that. It also grants you the possibility to access, edit, cancel and copy all your personal data. Which you can do by accessing your personal menu and, editing or deleting your data or your account. To access your personal menu click here. If you click the button "Eliminate this account", all the data about you saved on our site will be deleted. For any problems concerning that or for a copy of your data, you can access the webmaster through the contact link at the bottom of the page.


This policy explains in detail how we use any information collected during any session of usage by you and why.

There are three parties involved in this:
1- (also “we”, “us”, “our”, “Multimedia-English”, “the/this/our website”, “M-E”)
2- You (also “the user”)
3- Other people or companies offering a service to our website (also “third party”)

This website has been designed and is managed in the Kingdom of Spain (EU), so the Spanish and European law of data protection applies here for all purposes as far as our management concerns. In the use and protection of your data in this website, such law guarantees your right to download, access, edit, limit and delete the personal data collected in your registration form on this website or through your activity here and stored in our database, as well as not be affected by automatic decisions (explicit consent). It also guarantees that such data will only be used for its original purpose (in this case, the management of your user account on this website) and in no way shall we reveal them to a third party without your consent, except to those directly involved in the maintenance of this website (i.e. SGM, see below). Your personal data will be stored in the database "MULTIMEDIA-ENGLISH", registered in the Spanish Agencia de Protección de Datos (National Agency for Data Protection) with number 2092590009.

If you want to read the aforementioned Spanish law you can click here for the full law (Spanish version): "Ley Orgánica 3/2018, de 5 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos Personales y garantía de los derechos digitales". Or you can read an English summary here. You can also check the GDPR European law of personal data protection, which has been enforced on 25/5/2018.


Your information is collected in two ways:

1- YOUR DATA - When you register on our website, you give us some personal data (e-mail, nick, etc).
2- YOUR ACTIONS- When you use and participate on the website, you generate more data through your browsing and your personal contributions to the website (information about what pages you visit, video pages you may create, comments you write, etc.)


This is the personal data you give us when registering on our website and how we use it.

Nick- When you register you give us a nick (also “user name”), which is a uniquely identifiable invented name which cannot be repeated for any other user.

Password- You also create a password, which is encrypted on our database, so we cannot see or edit it. If you forget your password you must ask for another one through the link “forgot your password?” on our homepage. Your password must be 8 characters minimum, combining letters and numbers, so that it is hard to break.

The nick and password are necessary for you to log in into your personal account so that nobody else can do it. It is your responsibility to keep both in a safe place so nobody else can enter your account.

E-mail- Your email, which of course is unique to you and unrepeatable, is what the website uses to identify you as a unique user on our website. It is also used to contact you if needed and to send you newsletters if you subscribe to them.

Image- If you wish, you can upload an image that will identify you visually. It does not need to be your photo, any image can do. If you don’t upload an image, a default generic one, the same for all users, will be attached to your profile.

Teacher?- By default, all users are marked as students, but if you are a teacher of English you may want to state here that you are. If you do so, in case you create interactive activities on our website, people will see that you are a teacher and trust your activity more. Also, if we implement tools for teachers in the future, you would instantly have access to them.

Newsletter- By default it is set to ‘No’, but if you want to receive newsletters from us you must set it to ‘Yes’. We rarely send newsletters, but sometimes we need to send them to inform you about important things about our website (updates, problems, relevant information, etc.). Most importantly, we also use newsletters to notify our users every time we publish a new article on our blog. If you don’t set Newsletters to ‘Yes’ we can’t communicate with you in any way, except if there is a particular important issue that we must communicate personally to you in connection to your use of our website.

English level- This is optional, but if you choose your level of English you can help us know the percentage of users we have for each level, so we know what kind of material is needed the most in our website. This will not be visible to other users and is only used for statistical purposes.

Country- This information is also optional. We only use it for statistical purposes too, to adapt our resources to the kind of cultures using our website the most, but this information is visible to other users from the list of users, where they can see your nick and your country, and your image if you uploaded one.

So this is a colour code of all the data you may give us in your registration, specifying its nature: Required and public, Required and not public, Not required and public, Not required and not public.

Nick - Password - e-mail - Image - Teacher? - Newsletter - English level - Country


Contact Mail- If you send us an e-mail you are also, of course, sending us your e-mail address

Video Pages- Users may create, if they want, their own video pages on M-E by embedding an external video and writing information about it.

Interactive Activities- Users may also choose to create interactive activities to learn English which, again, will be revised by the webmaster before publication

These videos or activities you may create will be revised for appropriateness by the webmaster before publication. Once published, people will be able to see them together with your nick. For interactive activities, users will also see if you are a teacher of English or a student, so they can evaluate the level of reliability.

Favourited videos- You can choose to favourite the videos you like, so you can access a list of your favourites.

In the Users’ List people can see your image (if you uploaded it), your nick, your country and your lists of the video pages you created, if any, the interactive activities you created, if any, and your favourited videos, if any.

Activity Log- From your user’s menu you can access your activity log, which is a private list with your activity on the website, only for your eyes. In this log you can find:
   - Pages you have visited in M-E, time spent on each and date of visit.
   - Interactive activities you have played, time spent on each, date of visit and score obtained.
This is a private historial that may be useful for you. Other users cannot see it.


When you enter our website, whether you are a registered user or not, a “session” is created. This session is made up of three pieces of information and they don’t identify you, but your browser and internet connection. This data is needed, especially if you are not registered, to try to control that what you make on our website comes from a single user and not from multiple people, especially to control the correct functioning of the buttons of “Like” and prevent users from liking the same page multiple times. These are the 3 data making up a session:

ip_address- Your IP is a number which identifies your internet connection at the moment. Since most internet connections have today a dynamic IP, that means that this IP we record will go invalid as soon as your Internet IP changes.
user_agent- A text chain provided by your browser stating the browser version and the kind of device used to browse our site (PC, phone, etc.). This is used, for example, to know if you must be shown our PC or phone version.
last_activity- The date and time of the last time you accessed our site.


Your password is ciphered so that it is secure. Your password is the means of accessing your account at “MULTIMEDIA-ENGLISH”, so please guard it carefully and under no circumstance will M-E or anyone affiliated with M-E or another 3rd party, legitimately ask you for your password. Should you forget your password for your account, you can use the “forgot your password?” feature provided by this website in the user’s box of the home page. This process will ask you to submit your user name and your e-mail, then the software will automatically generate a new password to reclaim your account. After that, you can change the password again to one of your invention.

We also reserve the right to cancel any account which has not been used for a long period of time which will be defined according to the global number and situation of idle accounts on this website, but in no case will we ever prune accounts due to periods of inactivity inferior to 12 months. Should your account be cancelled for this reason, you can open a new one by registering again. In that case you can use the same e-mail address as before and even choose the same nick as long as such user name is still available. Accounts can also be cancelled for breaking the terms of use. Also, we cannot guarantee that an account may not be unintentionally eliminated due to technical problems.

“MULTIMEDIA-ENGLISH” and its database (as well as any future native section we may add) is hosted in the European Union (EU) by SGM®, a web hosting company sited in the EU itself, so the database protection on their part also complies with the EU protection laws and its safe harbour policy. If Multimedia-English is closed and finished, all the personal data we store here will be deleted too.


The software running this website has been designed by “Sistemas Globales Multimedia S.L.®” (hereinafter “SGM”), with CIF (Spanish tax identification number) B-49186190. SGM keeps a right of access to the users’ data stored in this website database with the sole purpose of making back-ups, correct malfunctions, make improvements or implement any future functionality. But SGM’s right of access to the users’ data will never include the disclosure or cession of data to a third party or any other use of them which is not strictly restricted to the maintenance, management, mending or improvement of this website.

Although we manage our own adverts, when there is any, we might also use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Website. These companies may use anonymous information from you (not including your name, e-mail address or any data you filled in your registration) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here.

Since this website is also using the services of Google Analytics to generate statistics of use, you must read Google Analytics Disclaimer here and accept it before registering with us.

If you are not a registered user we do not collect any personal identifiable information about you, but if you are a user of Facebook and leave a comment in the Facebook plugin installed on our website, then your name and Facebook profile image will be displayed along with your comment. Nevertheless all that information is really stored on Facebook, we only offer an embedded window to that comment box, but cannot access the data associated with it in any way, except by seeing is, just as any user can. So if you have a Facebook account and decide to write comments, and only in that case, Facebook's policy of data protection will also affect you (see here). We don’t collect any information about you or your Facebook friends through the comment box.

All the personal data we collect through Multimedia-English is managed and guarded by the webmaster, Angel Castaño Jiménez, and by Sistemas Globales Multimedia S.L. Zamora, the company in charge of managing, maintaining, developing and hosting this website. To contact either (strictly about the legal stuff here) you can see the contact data here. For other questions or problems contact Multimedia-English here.


Our website generates cookies which are saved in your computer and are necessary for the correct use of your navigation in our website. There are also other third-party cookies that will collect anonymous information and are used for statistics and for the functionability of external plugins included in our website (for more information read the Cookie Policy Information here).

Other than the data treatment explained above, we do not sell, transfer or unveil your personal data to third parties except if required by law.

This privacy and cookies policy may be updated or modified in accordance and compliance with the law in force at any given time, so we recommend you should revisit this page periodically.


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